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False claims of curing AIDS becoming illegal in Africa.

Malawi has come up with draft legislation, written in collaboration with the Traditional Malawi Healers Association and WHO, which will make it an offence for anybody, including traditional healers and churches, to claim that they can cure AIDS. The act is intended partly to protect people from healers who prescribe "sex with albinos, the disabled or virgins" as a cure for HIV and AIDS. Kenya has similar draft legislation, under which the country's 30,000 traditional healers will be required to register with the Ministry of Health. The Botswanan newspaper Mmegi/The Reporter will no longer carry any advertisement claiming that traditional healers can cure HIV and AIDS.

(1.) Botswana: let's learn from Malawi [Editorial]. Mmegi/ The Reporter (Gaborone). 27 March 2008.
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Title Annotation:ROUND UP: HIV and AIDS
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Date:May 1, 2008
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