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Falling for Cole track; Cheryl's new single is modern, urban and brilliant - but it's all about love.


Shutter Island

Scorsese and DiCaprio team up again with a glittering array of supporting stars. What can go wrong? Nothing drastic but this is no Goodfellas. It's a run-of-the-mill thriller with a twist, based on the popular novel. There's plenty going on and enough shocks to hold your interest but it's deifnitely not Marty's best work. Still, when a Scorsese film comes out, you go to see it.


Bunker Mentality T-Shirt

If you love golf but don't like its staid image, you'll love Bunker Mentality - a brand creating new trends on the fairways. This T-shirt costs pounds 25. Available at They'll also be at the Scottish Golf Show on March 26, 27 and 28.


Green Zone

Matt Damon playing an all-out action character, directed by Paul Greengrass, must be another Bourne movie, right? Well, no. Damon is unit leader Roy Miller, charging around Baghdad trying to find evidence of weapons of mass destruction. He becomes suspicious as one wild goose chase leads to another, and he starts to realise there's a cover-up going on. Cliched but worth seeing.



Not a big hit at the box office, this hilarious black comedy about zombies taking over the US will find a vast cult following on DVD. Woody Harrelson is a redneck maniac who delights in taking out the undead in ever-more inventive ways, while geeky Jesse Eisenberg is his companion. Brilliant.


100 Stories for Haiti.

A group of writers have clubbed together to help the earthquake-torn country. The result is this anthology of short stories by 100 authors, including Scot Danny Gillan. All proceeds go to rebuilding and recovery work in Haiti. Bridge House Publishing, pounds 11.99. For details, see


McLean My Name

Could a young London lad become the next global urban star? On this showing, the answer is yes. A powerful debut with killer synths and incredible vocals. This sounds like Usher at his best - and then some.


Cheryl Cole Parachute

Another sensational single from the lovely Chez, again with that slightly twisted take on modern, urban pop. Embarrassingly, though, it's another ode to the power of love and such nonsense.


The Fourth Kind

Scary, scary stuff. If you don't handle terror well, you may not want to watch this in front of the missus, as she's likely to see you cowering behind a cushion. Milla Jovoivch is a psychotherapist living in Alaska who finds evidence of alien abductions. This WILL haunt you.


BT These Hopeful Machines

Brian Transeau, one of the pioneers of 90s dance music and the creator of progressive house and trance as we know them, delivers a scintillating return to form after years of wild experimenting which didn't always work out. While he retains elements of the adventuring which made him so good in the first place, he has returned to his roots.
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Mar 17, 2010
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