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Fall-away/fixed in one.

Engineered to fit Mathews bow's and Mission Archery's bow's riser designs, the MAT-I Gen-II fits perfectly flush to their risers and solidly locks making it practically impossible for the rest to move. Weighing two ounces, the Mat-1 arrow rest is constructed of 6061 aluminum and 304 Stainless Steel and can be used as a fall-away rest, conventional fixed two prong or can be used with the optional lizard tongue launcher for target shooting. To convert from a drop away to a fixed prong, simply swap the springs in the spring cap. A parts kit will be needed to complete this setup. This feature alone proves extremely noteworthy because archers can basically get three different working rests in one model. Ensuring the arrow doesn't come off the prongs at full-draw, the Mat-I's launcher construction also allows the arrow to remain in the prongs while the bow isn't drawn so arrows don't jump off the rest creating game-spooking noise. One of the newest features is Schaffer's fluoroelastomer launch pad, which helps muffle the sound of the fall-away prongs as they come down during the shot. The Mat-I is honestly one of the easiest fall-aways to set up. Full micro adjustments are offered and you only need one Allen wrench size for all adjustments. The activated drop cord attaches to the downward moving buss cable and can be simply adjusted by a quick turn of an Allen wrench. Schaffer's rests are also available in models to fit Hoyt's TEC risers, the Tec-1; a universal model in the E-2; and new for 07, the Mat-la for Mathews risers Including the Apex, Apex 7, Prestige and Conquest 4. Available in right and left handed models, the Mat-I Gen-II is offered in Realtree ALL Purpose Repeat camo or black anodized.


Contact: Schaffer Archery, Dept. PB, 1403 Cliff Rd. East, Burnsville, MN 55337; (952) 894-6169;
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Author:Beraldo, Daniel
Publication:Petersen's Bowhunting
Date:Oct 1, 2007
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