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Fall of photo is husband's message; TV'S FOREMOST PSYCHIC DETECTIVE.

Byline: Derek ACORAH

MRS D.Tanner from Thornton lost her husband to the spirit world in October 2000.

She tells me she has a framed photograph of him hanging on the living room wall, but has never been particularly fond of it as it was taken only a few months prior to his passing and he looks so ill.

On the anniversary of Mrs Tanner's husband's birthday, the photograph fell from the wall and, in spite of being replaced, fell once more, releasing the photograph which ended up at her feet.

A medium has told Mrs Tanner her husband was letting her know he does not look as he does in the photograph any more.

In my opinion, what the medium told Mrs Tanner is entirely correct.

Her husband in spirit is aware that every time she looked at the photograph, he was remembered as he was when he was poorly.

Mrs Tanner's husband would prefer she remembered him when he was healthy and wants her to know he loves her just as much as he did in life.

JASON Butler from Speke writes to tell me about his six-year-old daughter Georgia. Georgia was named after her late grandfather George.

Fall of photo is husband's message Recently, Georgia has started telling her parents that she has been seeing her grandfather around her own home and the home of her grandmother, George's wife, even though he passed on to the spirit world three years prior to Georgia's birth.

She is not at all bothered by the visitation of her grandfather in spirit, but Jason is wondering whether there is anything he and his wife should do.

I would advise Jason to do nothing at all.

It is entirely normal for young children to see people from the world of spirit.

Their young minds are uncluttered by the worries of daily life in the manner of the minds of us adults and so they are more likely to see people from the spirit world.

As children mature and grow, it is unfortunate that they lose this clarity and pureness and so the ability to see spirit.

If Georgia is not bothered by seeing her late grandfather, then there is nothing to worry about.

If at any time, she does show signs of distress, then merely ask into the atmosphere that he does not show himself to Georgia and because he comes on the links of love for his granddaughter, he will ensure that, when he is in visitation, he will make such visits unknown to the little girl.

Have you had any psychic experiences? Maybe Derek can tell you what they mean. Send any questions for Derek to: Derek Acorah, PO Box 32, Ormskirk, L40 9 SN.
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Publication:Liverpool Echo (Liverpool, England)
Date:Jan 24, 2006
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