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Fall fashion AUG/SEPT 2013.

Picking drinks is hard. When you don't know what you want, you probably reach for the prettiest label, but even more than some tacked-on logo, a gorgeous bottle lets you know you're in for a good time. Here, to make your nights easier and slightly looser, we've done the picking for you, serving up three libations that look good and taste great, all with quality glass bottles made by the crew at Glass Is Life[TM]. Pop one open, then learn more at


My older brother and I tend to argue about rap music. Most recently, we debated about Jay Z. I said that Jay's corporate alliances rendered him an out-of-touch, white-collar rapper, and my brother countered with a recent sighting at a Washington Heights club, La Marina, evidence that Jay is still connected to the hood. In the context of his flourishing portfolio, Jay's alliance with the Bacardi-produced cognac D'USSE--he appeared at the launch party and rapped about it on his last album--makes sense. Cognac is a spirit with an air of sophistication and class. Encased in a regal Gallic bottle that bears the Cross of Lorraine, a French symbol of honor, courage and perseverance, D'USSE is an upwardly mobile drink for the dude who dreams of trading his mixtape collection for Picassos and Basquiats. I'll probably give a bottle to my brother, as I sense that his taste levels are about to be elevated ever so slightly.

Larroca Pisco

Several years ago, while attending a Christmas dinner with the family of my then-boyfriend in a rural town in France, I learned about a mid-meal holiday pastime in that country called the "trou normand," or "Norman break," a fiery glassful of Calvados apple brandy meant to literally burn a hole in the mass of food that is already sitting in your stomach to make room for a seventh course. For better or for worse, tasting Larroca Pisco brought me back to that moment in a major way, even though pisco is a grape brandy that dates back to the 17th century in Peru. Drinking this one neat can be a strenuous experience, but pour it over ice with pressed key limes, an egg white, simple syrup and some bitters and it becomes something light, frosty and elegant.

Mouton Noir Love Drunk Rose

I drank a lot of rose as a college student in Oregon, where Love Drunk's grapes happen to be grown. Back then, I'd split big supermarket bottles with friends while giving each other half-solicited advice. With notes of candy, rose has a young vibe--it's breezy and likable, if not taken particularly seriously. Though widely regarded as the unofficial drink of patios and folding chairs, years after college it has become my all-seasons go-to. Love Drunk is mature with a blush-colored wink, and juicy, like the part of the watermelon where red and green meet. A serious step up from my old college standards, it's classy enough to bring to an adult dinner party, though thankfully not too stuffy to enjoy on a Tuesday night.

Compiled by Deidre Dyer, Emilie Friedlander, Naomi Zeichner

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Author:Dyer, Deidre
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Date:Aug 1, 2013
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