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Fall dance survival guide.

You can see it all now: Streamers hanging from the ceiling, DJ playing ID and your crush asking you--you!--to dance. And then reality comes crashing back. It's actually the day before the dance and you're a nervous wreck, sweating everything from your not-so-comfy shoes to your not-so-smooth moves. Well, stop stressin': We're swooping in as your Homecoming fairy godmother --ready to grant you a night that's nothing but awesome.

Get the ball rollin' ...


get your girls together a couple weeks pre-dance to hash out deets like who's driving, where you're eating and what you're doing after. And make sure to get your parents' seal of approval on all plans.


be afraid to pop the question. If you wanna make it a date, but your crush is clueless, summon up some courage and just ask him already. Piece of cake!



He'll have a hard time saying no with these clever invites.

WITH A NOTE. Go old school on him with a classic check-the-box note. (We like: "Homecoming? Yes/No") Slip it to him in class and watch him crack up.

WITH FOOD. Spell out your Q on cookies, cupcakes or pizza. You know what they say about the way to a boy's heart....

WITH A PIC. Take a cute settle holding a sign saying, "Homecoming?" Text it to him and hopefully he'll send a snap back saying, "Yes!"

Dress for Success

DO test run your entire look a few days before the big night Are your spaghetti straps too long? Tripping over your skirt? Is that red lipstick a tad too dramatic? Fixing these probs now will make ya the picture of perfection on dance night.

DON'T feel like you've gotta go broke to have a good time. Go shopping in your sisters closet, borrow a bag from your bud or hit up your fave thrift store to score some cute duds on the cheap.


A cafe, pizza place or 24/7 diner will give ya a spot to hang out (and tasty treats--you'll be starved!). Still wound up? Trade in your heels for bowling shoes at the alley. Heading home? Pick up some Ben & Jerry's and sweet toppings. Instant ice cream bar!


Who says the fun can't start before the dance? Invite your pals over for a pre-party that might just be more memorable than the main event.

* Invite your closest chicas but keep in mind how much space you have to get ready. Ten girls in one bathroom? Bad idea.

* Prep your pad with get-ready goodies. Think: clean brushes, elastics and bobby pins; gel and hair spray; nail polish and remover; cotton balls and tissues.

* Nosh on lean meats, nuts, fruits 'n' veggies and whole grains for energy that'll last all night--without the carb crash.

* Play songs that'll get ya in the mood to groove. Crowd-source your tunes by creating a collaborative playlist on Spotify, then share the link with your crew. Ask your babes to add their faves (and check out our picks on page 8!).

* Laugh off your nerves by learning a few new moves. Head to YouTube and search for how-to vids. Try the robot, the Sprinkler, the Dougie and the Charlie Brown.


Bust OMG moments before they happen.

You arrive on time ... and nobody else does. Get there about 15 minutes after the start time. Or just carpool with your crew so you all arrive in style ... together.

Everyone's paired up ... except for you. Here's your cue to ask your crush to dance or exit stage left to grab a glass of punch, powder your nose, giggle at the awkwardness ... whatever works!

You ask a cutie to dance ... and he says no. Smile brightly, say, "OK. Talk to you later," and forget about him. Then have fun boogeying with your buds (and other boys). His loss.

An annoying guy wants to dance. Either suck it up and dance with him once or just be honest and tell him you're not interested. And if he really won't get the hint? Quietly tell a teacher or a chaperone.
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