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Pakistan: Group of transgender people abused, raped at gunpoint in Rawalpindi, viral video causes outrage. Jul 29, 2020 416
Pakistan: 16-year-old Multan tea seller who got top score in exam goes viral, government official offers help. Jul 29, 2020 371
India: Quick thinking police personnel save father and son who jumped off moving train in Mumbai. Jul 29, 2020 392
Pakistan: Official who banned books for 'immoral' content caught 'liking' pornographic posts on Twitter, gets trolled. Jul 28, 2020 599
Pakistan: 20-year-old maid allegedly tortured and held captive on suspicion of stealing employer's phone. Jul 28, 2020 319
Pakistan: Outrage over incident of kitten's alleged rape by teenagers in Lahore. Jul 28, 2020 520
Pakistan: In-laws throw acid on woman and set her on fire in Nawabshah city. Jul 28, 2020 380
UAE weather: Hazy skies and chance of heavy rain in Al Ain. Jul 26, 2020 309
India: Man dies outside a government hospital after wife could not afford Rs5 (Dh0.25) admission slip. Obituary Jul 25, 2020 520
Viral video: Indian minister claims 'papad' will help fight coronavirus, gets trolled. Jul 25, 2020 429
Pakistani actress Mawra Hocane's comments 'normalising' public harassment faced by women, get her schooled on Twitter. Jul 25, 2020 458
India: Three-year-old girl's body found in a Madhya Pradesh lake after she was raped and killed. Jul 24, 2020 362
India: Man sells cow to buy smartphone for children's online classes amidst the coronavirus pandemic, actor Sonu Sood vows to help him. Jul 24, 2020 457
UAE weather: Residents warned about hazy conditions and rough seas due to strong winds. Jul 23, 2020 238
India: Delhi man fakes kidnapping to commit suicide after being rejected from educational institute. Jul 23, 2020 393
India: 24-year-old Delhi doctor donates blood to critical patient before performing surgery. Jul 23, 2020 423
Doctor sexually abuses coronavirus patient in Uttar Pradesh hospital. Jul 23, 2020 273
Pakistan: Family kills teens in Kaghan valley for wanting to marry each other. Jul 23, 2020 260
India: 12-year-old video game addict in Mumbai kills himself after mother takes away phone. Jul 22, 2020 245
Pakistan: Video of Rawalpindi man beating mother goes viral, tweeps outraged. Jul 22, 2020 330
Pakistan: Journalist Matiullah Jan returns after abduction in Islamabad in broad daylight, social media users advocate for better treatment of reporters. Jul 22, 2020 675
UAE weather: Harsh winds, dusty skies and chance of rainfall in Dubai, Sharjah, Al Ain. Jul 21, 2020 189
Singapore researchers classify 14-legged giant, Darth Vader-like 'sea cockroach'. Jul 21, 2020 308
Love knows no borders: Indian man sets out on foot to meet Pakistani girl he met on social media, gets arrested in Gujarat. Jul 21, 2020 494
Pakistan: Uncle sets 14-year-old niece ablaze after her parents refuse marriage proposal of his son in Chiniot. Jul 21, 2020 246
Viral pictures: Is Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan's Mumbai home 'Mannat' wrapped in plastic sheets due to coronavirus? Jul 21, 2020 232
UAE weather: Dusty skies across the emirates and chance of rainfall in Abu Dhabi. Jul 19, 2020 200
Gold, diamonds, jeans and more: Crazy face masks spotted on social media during the coronavirus pandemic. Jul 18, 2020 516
Pakistan: Man shares pictures of injured mother, relatives after Sheikhupura police brutally thrash family. Jul 18, 2020 454
Pakistan: Khairpur teacher arrested for allegedly raping, filming dozens of minors. Jul 18, 2020 370
Pakistan: Teacher, who lost both legs and an arm during a bomb blast, teaches underprivileged students in Parachinar. Jul 18, 2020 271
India: Snake rescuers celebrated World Snake Day 2020 by feeding the reptiles cake, and forest officers are not happy. Jul 18, 2020 318
Pakistan: Lahore girl allegedly gang raped by 'friend' she met on TikTok, two others. Jul 17, 2020 243
Coronavirus: Odisha businessman buys gold mask for Dh17,145 as luxurious masks become a trend in India. Jul 17, 2020 335
Meet Pakistan's first deaf vlogger who is breaking stereotypes and helping people of determination during the COVID-19 outbreak. Jul 17, 2020 504
UAE weather: Warm day with a chance of rain in Abu Dhabi, Fujairah. Jul 16, 2020 218
Pakistan: Rahim Yar Khan Madrassa teacher sexually abused students, threw acid at them after they complained. Jul 16, 2020 280
India: Elderly beggar feeds stray dogs from his plates in viral video. Jul 16, 2020 518
Pakistani carpenter becomes a model in Saudi Arabia after his pictures go viral. Jul 15, 2020 306
Pakistan: Newspaper observes 'death anniversary' of Imran Khan's special assistant Zulfi Bukhari, attracts trolls. Jul 15, 2020 242
Watch 10-year-old steal Dh48,800 from a bank in India in 30 seconds. Jul 15, 2020 351
Video: Woman in Punjab, Pakistan abducted in broad daylight along with her car. Jul 15, 2020 312
Pakistan: Teenaged domestic worker kills employer's son, gets caught throwing second child into the canal. Jul 14, 2020 256
Pakistan: Dedicated Rawalpindi traffic policeman wins hearts as video of him working during heavy rain goes viral. Jul 14, 2020 378
UAE weather: Warm day with dusty conditions, and partly cloudy skies in Abu Dhabi and Fujairah. Jul 12, 2020 192
Pakistan: 'It takes more than 18 months to produce a child', says Tehreek-e-Insaf politician defending Imran Khan, video goes viral. Jul 11, 2020 335
India: Streaming platform criticised for promotional gimmick with fake murder call, panicked Mumbai residents call police. Jul 11, 2020 415
Coronavirus in India: Diamond studded facemasks worth almost Dh20,000 sold in a jewellery store, amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Jul 11, 2020 451
Video: Andhra Pradesh woman cooks five-course meal, with 67 dishes for Indian son-in-law, social media calls out 'outdated' traditions. Jul 10, 2020 348
India: Homeless girl scores high in class 10 exams, Indore civic body gifts her an apartment. Jul 10, 2020 584
Pakistan: Teenage girl and 21-year-old man become victims of 'honour killings' in Peshawar. Jul 10, 2020 419
India: Kerala woman helps blind man board a bus on a busy road, gets praise online. Jul 10, 2020 398
Popular Chinese online retailer sells Muslim prayer mats as decorative rugs, gets severe backlash online. Jul 9, 2020 428
India: Girl from rural Madhya Pradesh rides bike to school every day for 12 kilometres, scores 98.5 per cent on board exams. Jul 9, 2020 538
Pakistani passport ranking improves six places on global index's 2020 list from last year's. Jul 9, 2020 272
Pakistan: Students in Gilgit-Baltistan climb mountains for internet connection for online classes, youngsters start #Internet4GilgitBaltistan campaign. Jul 9, 2020 364
Pakistan: Tweeps remember legendary philanthropist Abdul Sattar Edhi on his fourth death anniversary. Jul 8, 2020 289
Viral video: Turkish man paraglides on sofa while watching TV and snacking on chips. Jul 8, 2020 266
Coronavirus in India: Failing to wear a mask means volunteering at a COVID-19 hospital in Gwalior. Jul 8, 2020 274
Pakistan: #JusticeForZahra trends as journalist Ali Salman Alvi being investigated in wife's alleged murder. Jul 8, 2020 393
India: Four people arrested after drugging, gang raping 44-year-old woman in Mumbai. Jul 7, 2020 320
India: Haryana cop scribbles murderer's vehicle number on palm right before dying, gives police crucial lead. Jul 7, 2020 302
Pakistan: Tweeps all praise for 'madrasa' student from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa who passed top exam for civil service. Jul 7, 2020 550
UAE weather: Warm and humid start to the week, foggy conditions expected on Monday. Jul 5, 2020 197
India: Drunk Delhi man shoots mother in the eye for scolding him. Jul 5, 2020 233
Coronavirus in India: Pune man buys mask made out of gold for Dh14,200, tweeps ask if it's effective against COVID-19. Jul 4, 2020 324
UAE weather: Mostly sunny skies with a chance of afternoon showers in Abu Dhabi, Fujairah. Jul 2, 2020 204
Pakistan: Gujranwala man sells wife one day after marriage for Dh6,600. Jul 2, 2020 252
India: Kolkata family forced to keep 71-year-old coronavirus infected relative's body in ice cream freezer as doctors refused to issue death certificate. Jul 2, 2020 425
Pakistan: News anchor's identity stolen by 16-year-old who used it to extort money through fake Facebook profile. Jul 2, 2020 415
UAE weather: Warm day, chance of rain in Abu Dhabi, Fujairah. Jul 1, 2020 234
India: Doctor who helped save lives during the anti-CAA protests named in Delhi riots' murder investigation. Jul 1, 2020 640
India: Viral video shows man hugging his dead child in Uttar Pradesh after hospital refused treatment. Jul 1, 2020 525
India: Artist born without hands paints with his feet, netizens call viral video 'inspirational'. Jul 1, 2020 331
Pakistan: Lahore university threatens to expel students over posting memes about the institute online, students protest as #ShameOnFAST trends on Twitter. Jun 30, 2020 472
Pakistan: 13-year-old YouTuber from Lahore showcases his life as a 'middle class' citizen, and the internet is appreciating his 'wholesome' content. Jun 30, 2020 612
Social media, web series, music and video games - this is how Filipinos spent time during coronavirus outbreak. Jun 30, 2020 436
India: Do you see a similarity between a 'Good Day' biscuit and Spotify's logo? Tweeps can't 'unsee' it. Jun 30, 2020 224
Tweeps in India call to #BoycottNetflix as new Telugu film 'Krishna and His Leela' offends Hindus. Jun 29, 2020 324
Clarified: Have you received a message stating that a coronavirus tracker has been 'inserted' into your phone? Jun 29, 2020 604
Pakistan: Tweeps allege Dera Ghazi man was killed in police custody and demand #JusticeForZaryab. Jun 29, 2020 404
UAE weather: Warm and humid start to the week, partly cloudy skies in the east. Jun 28, 2020 200
India: Farmer made to walk 15 kilometres to repay a loan amount of 17 fils. Jun 28, 2020 487
Picture of 'human-sized bat' from the Philippines goes viral, netizens spooked out. Jun 28, 2020 439
Pakistan tourism coordination board chairman, Zulfi Bukhari, got trolled for being unable to name one must-visit place in his country. Jun 28, 2020 272
India: Mumbai residents collect over Dh18,620 in three days for street vendor's family who died of coronavirus. Jun 28, 2020 411
Indian matrimonial website removes skin tone feature after backlash. Jun 25, 2020 560
US: A Florida woman moves court for paternity test on Bella, Gigi, Rosie, Zelda and Margoat, her goats! Jun 25, 2020 364
US delivery woman shouts out 'Abracadabra', following mischievous teen's COVID-19 instructions. Jun 25, 2020 364
UAE weather: Warm day with high relative humidity and clear to partly cloudy skies. Jun 24, 2020 213
US: Viral TikTok video of baby being tossed into a pool sparks debate about infant swimming. Jun 24, 2020 674
Pakistan: 10-year-old in Karachi steals car, takes it for a joyride till fuel runs out. Jun 24, 2020 353
UK: Swan dies of 'heartbreak' after youngsters destroy her nest and cygnets die. Jun 23, 2020 415
'Special delivery' of Pakistani mangoes sent to Dubai-based beauty entrepreneur Mona Kattan from former Pakistan president Asif Ali Zaradari, netizens confused. Jun 23, 2020 347
Pakistan: Son of small-town car mechanic passes Central Superior Services exam, internet is all praise. Jun 23, 2020 341
#NoMaskaOnlyMask: Indian police use street food like 'Pav Bhaji' to connect about facemasks to protect against coronavirus. Jun 22, 2020 239
Pakistan: 17-year-old fatally shoots himself while recording TikTok video in Karachi. Jun 22, 2020 240
UAE weather: Foggy start to the week, partly cloudy skies in Fujairah. Jun 21, 2020 244
Watch: Sheikh Hamdan shares mesmerising footage of solar eclipse from Dubai. Jun 21, 2020 232
US: Donald Trump terms coronavirus 'Kung Flu', Twitter bashes him for racism, Asian Americans especially unhappy. Jun 21, 2020 476

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