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Faking it on the chin.

We've seen big beards and little beards, scraggly beards and trim beards.

Wednesday and Thursday nights, in TV shots of fans at Fenway, we noticed a new facial fashion statement: Pink beards.

Yes, a few ladies wanting in on the unshaven action sported long, pink costume beards hooked behind their ears.

We think it's a great idea, a dashing, clashing new accessory against all those blue and red hats, T-shirts and jackets.

Whichever way the World Series turns out, the pink tribute -- as well as the real new beards being sported by many male fans -- is a nod to this unforgettable season when, for whatever reason, many on the roster let go of the razor. While the players for months have been sprouting hair on their faces, they've also, almost invisibly, been growing into a team with abundant heart, talent and verve.

This is a team that cuts it, in short. Our Sox this season have offered almost everything followers could wish for, and not just by a whisker.
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Date:Oct 26, 2013
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