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Fakhoury: Planning Ministry supported productive projects with JD4.750m.

Amman, Dec. 7 (Petra)--Minister of Planning and International Cooperation, Eng. Imad N. Al Fakhoury, stressed the importance of projects and programs which the Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation carried out and is still carrying out with the general corporation of the retired military and old veterans.

The projects had a positive influence on supporting the cooperative societies of the retired military men and women, which benefited of the funding grants offered by MOPIC, or the local communities that benefited indirectly from them.

The minister's statements came at the opening ceremony of a training workshop that aims at stimulating the role of the retired military associations in development, by helping them plan, carry out and possess a number of development activities arising from this segment's needs. It also aims at enhancing their role in stimulating local development by training and qualifying their members to plan and carry out sustainable productive projects.

The minister hailed the role of those societies within the segment of the retired military and old veterans who enjoy a special place in the heart of His Majesty King Abdullah II, as they are comrades of arms who performed their duty with honour, integrity and much sacrifices for their homeland.

Al Fakhoury said MOPIC provided support to 78 productive projects; it also supported the creation of 43 markets for those societies at an amount of JOD 4.750m. It further sought to provide about 455 job opportunities for the military retired and people in local communities. The number of indirect beneficiaries of this support amounts to 4350 members of the military retired societies until to date. This proves that retirement is not an end; giving continues and good efforts never retire.

Projects implemented by the cooperative societies of the military retired, which MOPIC contributed to their funding, vary between productive industrial, agricultural projects and services, IT, medical, handicraft, professional and tourism projects in the different Jordanian governorates.

In addition to this, MOPIC contributed to funding the project of military training and national education targeting school students, which is implemented collectively by the Economic and Social Corporation of the Military Retired and Old Veterans, the Higher Command of the Jordanian Armed Forces and the Ministry of Education.

The minister pointed out to the Jordan 2025 document that was launched under the patronage of His Majesty the King, saying that it was finally adopted in May 2015 after 14 months of genuine participatory efforts.

He added that the document is a road map for the country we aspire to as it defined the main approach to a more resilient and prosperous Jordan.

Based on this document, he went on to say, the government laid down the development executive program 2016-2018 that includes the first stage of implementing Jordan 2025 document and the outcomes of governorates development programs 2016-2018. All of those efforts, he said, were adopted with a true participatory approach. The draft budget is based on them. They were also confirmed in the recent budget statement to the House of Representatives within the available resources. The approach, he underlined, was developmental par excellence in this budget.

He went on to say that the government considered challenges of poverty, unemployment and declined growth rates because of the destructive regional conflicts when drawing the 2016 budget. "The focus in governorates' development program was not only on the component of attracting investments that generate job opportunities to Jordanians according to investment maps of each governorate, but also on the component of supporting entrepreneurial projects of individuals, charities, cooperatives and military societies and to increase their allocations in the program of 2016-2018. This is done through the program of enhancing economic and social productivity that was continuously amended to improve its interventions, and through the MOPIC allocations of governorates' development." Al Fakhoury added that MOPIC is in the final stages of endorsing the Jordanian Response Plan 2016-2018 that aims at increasing Jordan's resilience and supporting our efforts to deal with the Syrian refugee crisis. It will be approved by the council of ministers.

The minister reiterated that MOPIC fully recognizes the importance of the role played by the associations of the military retired in raising the economic and social status of their members in their communities. Therefore, it continued to build a partnership with the Corporation of Military Retired since 2004, by funding and implementing productive projects and interventions that can contribute to improve the living conditions of this segment, as well as the technical, consultative and training support necessary to raise their capacity and enhance their role.

He added that the government strived in recent years to implement a number of projects and programs in cooperation with the different players in local communities to improve the living and economic conditions of people and increase their productivity. To achieve this goal, the program of enhancing economic and social productivity with its different components was launched to have direct positive effects on the living standards in all governorates. It also aimed at building the institutional and technical capacities of local NGOs and societies, providing the financial, technical and administrative requirements to encourage the establishment of entrepreneurial productive projects that create job opportunities and curb the problems of poverty and unemployment.

Cooperatives, he pointed out, have been one of the important means that MOPIC supported to access local communities and make a positive development effect on them, as cooperatives enjoy many characteristics sufficient to lead development in their communities. Support had many faces, including the provision of the environment friendly to the growth of SMEs, achieving a real rise in the incomes of members, developing the activities on informal sector and enhancing self-employment. The most important of those advantages is the small amount of money needed to run those investments, the self-administration that leads to reduced costs, proximity to markets and sources of raw materials, and the dependence on local resources in developing their activities.

He pointed out that MOPIC will be interested in dealing with any ideas, proposals or projects to activate and enhance the work of cooperatives related to the retired military. The ministry, he said, will adopt any innovative ideas to develop them so that the living standards of the affiliates of those societies will be improved.

Al Fakhoury thanked the Economic and Social Corporation of the Military Retired and Old Veterans, the Jordan Cooperative Corporation and the cooperative societies of the retired military for their efforts to contribute to development efforts in the kingdom.

On his part, Abdel Kareem Shraideh, director of cooperative societies at the corporation said that pursuant to royal directives in 2004, MOPIC, in partnership with the Economic and Social Corporation of the Military Retired and Old Veterans, came up with the idea of setting up cooperative societies. Those have become a supportive arm for this segment, in cooperation with the Jordan Cooperative Corporation, which gave societies the necessary permits to carry out their work.

The director general of the Economic and Social Corporation of the Military Retired and Old Veterans, retired military pilot Mahmoud Irdeisat and the general director of the Jordan Cooperative Corporation Eng. Mahmoud Jamaani and heads of cooperative societies of the retired military attended the ceremony.


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Publication:Jordan News Agency (Petra)
Date:Dec 7, 2015
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