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Fake the bake.

Though the days of slathering on baby oil and baking to a crisp over a long summer day are history, the desire for that sun-kissed glow has remained. There was lots of speculation that skin cancer fears would make pale skin "hot" again, but instead people have just found creative ways to darken their skin minus any actual sun exposure. And the organics world has carved out its own corner of the sunless tanning market, leaving consumers plenty of options for obtaining the most natural of fake tans. We've always thought Kiss My Face ( was a clever company name, and we like even more that you can see where you've applied their instant sunless tanner, preventing streaking. Their secret is walnut shell extract, and there are no animal ingredients or artificial colors. Green People Self Tan Lotion found on derives its natural tanning ingredient from sugar, and is made of 88 percent certified organic ingredients. The French skincare line Dealer has a whole array of self tanning "milks" and sprays available at outlets like that are made of plant-based ingredients and essential oils. And Nature's Gate Organics ( has launched its own Advanced Care collection of natural tanners, including "upper tanagement" Self Tanning Creme which uses certified organic fennel, linden flower, aloe vera and ivy extract and "happy glow lucky" Bronzing Creme which offers "instant faux tan without the commitment" thanks to certified organic elderberry, hibiscus and other plants. Of course, for greeting that sun head-on, it's best to go prepared. Check out Aubrey Organics ( for a Tinted Sunscreen that offers a hint of color or a Deep Tanning Sunscreen made with soothing organic jojoba oils, aloe and Canadian willowherb. Happy faking and baking?
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Title Annotation:Tools for Green Living: Resources for Eco-Awareness and Action
Author:Belli, Brita
Date:Jul 1, 2007
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