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Faith-Based Group Under Investigation Wins HUD Contract.

A Washington, D.C., faith-based organization has struck a multi-million dollar deal with the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) despite being under investigation for political fundraising irregularities.

In February, the D.C. inspector general's office began looking into the Church Association for Community Services after media reports surfaced alleging that aides to Mayor Anthony Williams (D) collected contributions for the group but used the funds for mayoral activities.

According to The Washington Post, the investigation will also examine $100,000 in donations made to the faith-based group that were used to subsidize Williams' expenses at the 2000 Democratic and Republican National Conventions, and the reception for the mayor held by the Congressional Black Caucus last fall.

Despite the official inquiries into the group's financial affairs, HUD announced in July that the agency would sell 300 foreclosed properties to the Church Association group, which would then renovate the homes and sell them to low-income families below market value. The appraised value of the homes involved in the deal is over $14 million.

At a press event announcing the deal, reporters questioned Williams about the church group's new deal with the investigation still pending.

"I believe [HUD] would not be partnering in the program unless the church association will provide good management controls," Williams said.
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Date:Sep 1, 2001
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