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Faith hope and charity.

The way that Jesus himself pointed to is the way of faith, hope, and charity. These marvelous levers can raise us to share in God's divine life. Nothing else will avail. Human reason alone could never reach the realm of Spirit. Mastering all the volumes of an encyclopedia would not give us a clue to the meaning of life. On this planet where everything seems to perish, we would be haunted by fears and crushed by despair, hopelessly locked up in ourselves.

Faith in God is our fundamental need. It is the source of our self-confidence and self-esteem, the key to success, as memoirs of artists and inventors testify. Faith is an ingredient of health. Carl Yung, the renowned psychiatrist, said toward the end of his life that he had never had a patient whose disease did not seem to be linked to a deeper problem, the loss of faith. He had hardly any children among his patients--for children are full of trust and faith.

How can we lose the faith of the child? Well, the child's faith is not conviction. Like that of a rainbow, its life depends on the atmospheric conditions. Faith is born in the milieu of loving parents. Humility is its medium. It cannot thrive in any other. When we grow up and become proud of achievements, we might lose our faith.

Pride, conceit. How can we deal with this formidable disease? How can we recover our childlike humility? Pride is bound to make us blind. However, our loving God, anxious to protect us from ourselves, when He created the universe, made a little law. We can see this law at work when we overinflate a balloon and it bursts.

The climate is now changing. World-wide confusion, unrest, terrorism and fear are bombarding our illusion of self-sufficiency. Overwhelming problems and the spectre of far greater ones are looming ahead, eating away our presumptions. Our conceit is crumbling at last. I believe this development is providential. I wish the despairing millions could see it as evidence of the incurable love of the Lord of life...

Zoltan Leskowsky

Richmond Hill, ON

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Author:Leskowsky, Zoltan
Publication:Catholic Insight
Article Type:Letter to the editor
Date:Jan 1, 2013
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