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Fair point about rip-off fares, but badly bungled...


JEREMY Corbyn's publicity stunt backfired as soon as he plonked his bum in the doorway of a Virgin East Coast train for the cameras, to highlight overcrowding.

CCTV footage showed the Labour leader walking past empty seats before sitting on the floor and this was more than embarrassing for Jezza.

It was an object lesson in political propaganda: When you take on somebody as sharp and hard-nosed as Virgin boss Sir Richard Branson, get your backside in gear.

Don't hand him a golden opportunity to turn the tables on you.

I've travelled this route hundreds of times. At peak hours, most seats are booked, and it's a chore finding somewhere. But you can sit in a booked seat if the passenger fails to show, and the conductor will often help.

Corbyn's foolish feat has shown up his own ineptitude, not the profiteering disgrace of Britain's privatised rail system.

His political credibility instantly became the story, not the rip-off fares that make UK rail travel the most expensive in Europe.

His lame little prepared speech about ticket prices and "ram-packed" trains (does he mean jam-packed?) has voters laughing at him, not cheering with him.

I can't think of another Labour leader who would have made this naive mistake.

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Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Aug 24, 2016
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