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Failings of BBC radio service; LETTERS.

Failings of BBC radio service A few weeks ago Radio Wales' Chief Honcho told us his station was, after thirty years of waiting, going to be broadcast on FM to large parts of the north east and mid Wales, the lack of FM coverage of large parts of Wales landmass and population having been a scandal for years.

Just as this was about to happen the same Chief Honcho stops broadcasting coverage of Wrexham Football Club on the existing FM transmitters in the north. Is this to save money? NO! The Wrexham games are still being broadcast on the internet while the FM transmitters carry other programming. How daft is that? A few months ago the Big White Chief of the BBC from London turned up with pockets full of money, to employ more journalists in Wales.

How does our own Radio Wales Chief Honcho react? He abolishes the 1pm news programme from Radio Wales and gets rid of the nightly 7pm to 9pm sports programmes.

When the Big White Chief went to Scotland new national television and radio stations full news and current affairs appeared.

When he visits Wales we get a reduction of news and the promise of a second Welsh language Radio station for a few hours a day.

This new station is on DAB radio which cannot be heard and is not likely to be heard any time soon in Welsh speaking rural areas.

People in Wales want to know: where are the English and Welsh language national talk and news radio stations? Where are the Welsh and English language second services of music and other entertainment? Where is the proper coverage of Welsh sport? Let's have some action from our well paid Chief Honchos at BBC Wales.

Cllr Keith Parry, Cardiff.

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Publication:Daily Post (Conwy, Wales)
Geographic Code:4EUUK
Date:Aug 10, 2017
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