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Failed promises again.

LATE on Thursday night I arrived back from Loch Lomond.

The roads even from five miles on the other side of Aberfoyle were passable right the way through, despite the news saying different. Last year about this time Kirklees Highways staff promised they would have enough salt and would not get caught out again.

I got off the M62 at the A640 junction and drove down through to the town centre. The road had been cleared mostly but not completely down the A640 and the paving where it was done must have been by the shopkeepers.

Emley was mostly desolate and the side roads had not been touched, here or in Marsh or Paddock from what I could see. Clearing the main roads only helps people from other towns who have driven in.

If the locals cannot get out of their Royds, Closes and Streets, they cannot use the mains roads.

Or am I missing something? Last year I was stuck here for four days. I was told that it was only on December 2 that buses have come through here.

Most of the people in my apartment block rely on relatives and friend bringing them food etc when it is like this.

I am 65 and most of them are at least 10-years-older and frail or/and disabled. The council is a disgrace.

I am lucky. I have transport to go shopping if need be.

Most of the others do not and cannot walk so cannot use the buses that are now running again anyway. I can get things if they want but I will have to be able to get out of the side road to do it. I can go by bus but will not be able to get much because I will not be able to carry it.

Failed promises again. To reiterate and summarise - no good prioritising main roads if not many can get on them when there clear. And they have not been cleared enough.

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Publication:Huddersfield Daily Examiner (Huddersfield, England)
Geographic Code:4EUUK
Date:Dec 4, 2010
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