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Facts on scale of voter fraud in city needed; Letters.

DEAR Editor, Can we have some hard facts about the scale of the alleged electoral fraud in Birmingham? What percentage of the votes cast in the last local elections in Birmingham were postal, ward by ward? For example, how does the percentage of postal votes in Northfield compare to, say, Small Heath and, if there is a significant difference, why? Is the alleged voting fraud more prevalent in wards with a high density of ethnic minority populations and, if so, why? Conservative MP Andrew Stephenson says there was 'real fraud going on'. What constitutes voter fraud? There is a clear distinction to be made between individuals who have been 'persuaded' to vote for a particular candidate and forging a signature on a postal ballot paper.

What percentage of the postal votes cast in the last local elections in Birmingham were considered to be fraudulent and what was the evidence to back up this accusation? The Electoral Commission has raised its concerns about the potential for vote rigging using the voting postal system, and suggests that the police should attend polling stations in 'vulnerable areas'. How specifically would the police be able to prevent voter fraud and where exactly are the 'vulnerable areas'.

Should the postal system be scrapped to all except those who are physically or mentally incapable of getting to a polling station? The size of the problem should clearly be established in terms of the facts and not just general assertions.

Secondly, in those areas were significant voting fraud has been established, an explanatory letter should be issued before the next local/European/national elections putting the electorate on notice that voter fraud is at an unacceptable high level in their area and that consequently any repetition of this voter malpractice will result in the postal ballot system being temporarily withdrawn (only in their area) unless an individual can provide medical evidence of their inability to attend a polling station.

Those responsible for voter fraud currently feel confident that they can abuse the postal ballot system with relative impunity.

The cautious approach I have outlined will disabuse those guilty individuals and hopefully significantly reduce the amount of voter fraud.

Peter Henrick, Northfield


Parts of Birmingham have seen > voter fraud in the past
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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:The Birmingham Post (England)
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Date:Mar 20, 2014
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