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Federal Police, AG Investigating Crimes Committed in Tigray: State of Emergency Fact Check. Feb 25, 2021 467
FASHION PULIS: Secret fact-checking. Feb 21, 2021 521
Facebook's Power Move. Feb 20, 2021 332
Tribune Fact Check: Ali Sadpara miraculously rescued by Pakistan Army. Feb 16, 2021 320
Reports Circulating about Civilian Casualties by Int'l Media Unsubstantiated: Emergency Fact Check. Feb 3, 2021 161
Professional media vital in fighting fake news during COVID-19 pandemic, especially weaponising vaccine procurement. Jan 31, 2021 353
Gov't Condemns Claim Ethiopia 'Using Hunger as Weapon': State of Emergency Fact Check. Jan 23, 2021 647
Expert issues warning as SNP set up 'national information service'. DEREK HEALEY Jan 19, 2021 632
FACT CHECK: Does Safaricom allow NIS to illegally forward your calls? Jan 19, 2021 367
VNA's fact-checking channel honoured at TikTok Awards Vietnam. Dec 28, 2020 364
Fact check: Labour peer's claim Scottish cross-border ban unlawful mostly false; Labour peer George Foulkes took to social media on Tuesday to state that the Coronavirus 2020 Act does not give the Scottish Government powers to close the Scottish border. Conor Matchett Dec 23, 2020 596
Globe steps up drive for online responsibility; advocates fact checks against fake news. Dec 22, 2020 504
Lagos Trains Journalists On COVID-19 Response, Tasks On Fact Checking. Dec 21, 2020 556
AUTHOR INTERVIEW; Sibeal Pounder reveals the secrets of writing books for children to Caroline Lindsay. Caroline Lindsay Dec 19, 2020 515
Fact Check: Govt, Taliban yet to discuss interim setup. Ahmad Shah Erfanyar Dec 15, 2020 872
Telecom, Electricity Services Restored in Parts of Tigray Region. Dec 15, 2020 352
Gov`t Safely Returning Eritrean Refugees to Camps: State of Emergency Fact Check. Dec 11, 2020 383
Fact check: Palace says Philippines leads world in number of COVID-19 tests conducted. Dec 10, 2020 883
Coronavirus myths debunked: Popular Covid-19 conspiracies from Facebook fact checked; There has been a worrying rise in misinformation spreading on social media throughout this pandemic. Ginny Sanderson Dec 4, 2020 1342
Fact check: Lower number of communist rebels mean faster economic growth? Dec 1, 2020 992
Fact check helps media flag recycled falsehoods. Nov 27, 2020 812
De Lima outraged by continued EJKs amid pandemic. Nov 26, 2020 690
[Kdrama vs Real life] 'Stranger' FACT CHECK [VIDEO]. Nov 25, 2020 151
Many Members of Tigray Special Force, Militia Surrendering Amid Ultimatum. Nov 24, 2020 155
News Claiming AU Chairperson Envoys to Mediate Ethiopia Gov't, TPLF False. Nov 21, 2020 171
Reports, Footages Claiming Airstrike on City of Mekelle False. Nov 17, 2020 171
Fact-checking 'The Crown': How icy were Queen Elizabeth and Margaret Thatcher with each other? Nov 16, 2020 964
Top Official of TPLF Admits Attacking Northern Command. Nov 14, 2020 397
Rocket Fired towards Bahir Dar, Gondar Cities. Nov 14, 2020 173
State of Emergency Fact Check Dismisses Allegation of Ethnic Profiling. Nov 13, 2020 239
Tribune Fact Check: Ayaz Sadiq seeks asylum in France? Nov 8, 2020 318
Trump's claims astonish TV hosts. SIMON STONE Nov 5, 2020 394
Trump's claims astonish TV hosts. SIMON STONE Nov 5, 2020 393
Trump's claims astonish TV hosts. SIMON STONE Nov 5, 2020 394
Tribune Fact Check: Modi touches woman's foot with his chin? Nov 3, 2020 251
Beyond Fact-Checking. Pack, Thomas Nov 1, 2020 756
Webinar on 'Checking Misinformation, Combatting Disinformation'. Oct 27, 2020 176
AP FACT CHECK: Falsehoods and fumbles in Trump-Biden debate. Woodward, By Calvin; Yen, Hope; Press, Ricardo Alonso-Zaldivar Associated Oct 24, 2020 1586
FACT CHECK: Photo of Ruto 'opposing' his 2022 presidential bid is fake. Oct 22, 2020 438
FACT CHECK: All learners have not been directed to return to school on October 26. Oct 22, 2020 486
CMCO SOP fact check: The most common misconceptions debunked. Oct 19, 2020 592
AP FACT CHECK: Rhetoric from Trump, Biden in the non-debate. CALVIN WOODWARD and HOPE YEN Associated Press Oct 16, 2020 1230
ABC: Biden 'Stepping Things Up' With Campaign Events (Fact Check: He Isn't). Whitlock, Scott Oct 15, 2020 417
FACT CHECK: EU Ambassadors haven't endorsed Ruto's views on BBI. Oct 14, 2020 814
Fact-checking the vice presidential debate: Coronavirus, the economy and more. Associated press Oct 8, 2020 1656
FACT CHECK: Disinfectant Tag, Air Doctor CANNOT Protect You Against COVID-19. Oct 4, 2020 875
AP FACT CHECK: False claims swamp first Trump-Biden debate. CALVIN WOODWARD and HOPE YEN Associated Press Oct 1, 2020 2871
innovation OF THE MONTH. Oct 1, 2020 285
"Factcheckers" furiously running interference for Biden/Harris. Andrusko, Dave Oct 1, 2020 1027
Fact-checking Trump's, Biden's claims on virus, economy, health care, Big Ten football. Associated Press Sep 30, 2020 1741
FACT CHECK: Dangote Foundation NOT Giving Out Relief Funds To Individuals. Sep 28, 2020 619
Fact check: Reported increase in 'drug war' deaths amid pandemic is backed by gov't data. Sep 22, 2020 1397
FACT CHECK: Did Kenya have only 8 ICU beds before Corona? Sep 21, 2020 676
Fact check: An occasional whopper at Joe Biden's CNN town hall. Glenn Kessler and Salvador Rizzo The Washington Post WP Bloomberg Sep 19, 2020 897
FACT CHECK: Viral Report On Canadian Doctors Protesting High Salaries Is From 2018. Sep 13, 2020 369
FACT CHECK: Expressway photo is not of Kenyan road. Sep 7, 2020 383
Facebook To Ban New Political Ads On Cusp Of US Election. Sep 4, 2020 715
Fact Checking Religion. Sep 1, 2020 1078
Beyond Fact-Checking: Lexical Patterns as Lie Detectors in Donald Trump's Tweets. Davis, Dorian Hunter; Sinnreich, Aram Sep 1, 2020 10439
AP FACT CHECK: Trump distorts record; BLM falsely accused. Klepper, By David; Boak, Josh; Press, Amanda Seitz Associated Aug 29, 2020 1710
AP FACT CHECK: Pence presses a distorted case on economy. Boak, By Josh; Yen, Hope; Press, Calvin Woodward Associated Aug 28, 2020 1545
AP FACT CHECK: Trump, GOP distort on health care, vote fraud. Yen, By Hope; Seitz, Amanda; Press, Calvin Woodward Associated Aug 26, 2020 2233
Fact-checking the fourth night of 2020 Democratic National Convention. Glenn Kessler and Salvador Rizzo The Washington Post WP Bloomberg Aug 22, 2020 1114
Facebook mulls shutting off political ads to curb misinformation. Aug 22, 2020 234
Fact checking: Media expert urges journalists to shun fake news during Edo, Ondo polls. Aug 15, 2020 766
FACT CHECK: What Did The Health Minister Say Regarding Maternal Mortality And Breastfeeding? Aug 14, 2020 977
FACT CHECK: Did Buruji Kashamu Die On Same Date With His Mother? Aug 9, 2020 391
tech that... a round-up of the latest news in the digital world. Aug 9, 2020 351
tech NOW; justin connolly's ROUND-UP OF THE LATEST DIGITAL NEWS. Aug 9, 2020 351
tech NOW; justin connolly's ROUND-UP OF THE LATEST DIGITAL NEWS. Aug 9, 2020 351
tech now; A ROUND-UP OF THE LATEST NEWS IN THE DIGITAL WORLD. Justin Connolly Aug 7, 2020 354
Fact check: Netanyahu did not Claim Responsibility for Beirut Explosion. Aug 6, 2020 536
FACT CHECK: Viral photo purporting Cuban doctor married Busia man is false. Aug 5, 2020 525
WhatsApp adds new feature to verify forwarded messages, but not for India. Aug 4, 2020 473
Interactive video series 'Nasaan si Toto Ong' tackles fake news and disinformation. Interview Aug 2, 2020 788
WhatsApp 'Martinelli' hoax is circulating again -what to do if you receive it; The WhatsApp Martinelli hoax has been going around since 2017, but has returned this week, according to fact checking site, Full Fact. By, Shivali Best Jul 24, 2020 262
Fact check: Duterte says he 'hates' ordering police to arrest violators. Jul 21, 2020 1211
Two Journalists From Nigerian Tribune Selected As Fact-Checking Fellows 2020. Jul 20, 2020 439
Khmer version of UNESCO's handbook on fake news and disinformation to be launched. Jul 17, 2020 240
Facebook Civil Rights Audit Criticises Fact Checking Policy. Jul 8, 2020 268
La marocanite du Sahara ou l'obsession algerienne. Jul 6, 2020 551
FACT CHECK: Senator Gideon and Atwoli were not left stranded at a Malawi airport. Jul 6, 2020 375
FACT CHECK: Did Ebenezer Obey Die In London? No! Jul 4, 2020 433
Fact check: Is it illegal for ABS-CBN to avail of tax perks? Jul 3, 2020 965
FACT CHECK: There is no expressway being constructed in Nairobi National Park. Jul 2, 2020 839
The Long Winter Verifying Laura Ingalls Wilder's Account of 1880/81. Jul 1, 2020 2280
Fake news and how Facebook wants to help you spot it and stop it; Social media users encouraged to question where posts are from, what's missing and how it makes them feel. By, Jamie Harris PA & Raina Wilson Jun 30, 2020 582
Seeing isn't always believing: Google starts fact-checking images. Rachel Lerman The Washington Post Jun 28, 2020 720
Tribune Fact Check: No - Imran Khan doesn't think Osama bin Laden is a martyr. Jun 26, 2020 510
Twitter Adds Fact-Checking Labels On Tweets Mentioning 5G And COVID-19. Jun 25, 2020 157
Tribune Fact Check: Indian yogi invents ayurvedic cure for Covid-19? Jun 24, 2020 324
Google launches fact-checking to image search. Jun 24, 2020 336
Google will fact-check images that appear on Search via independent fact-checkers. Jun 23, 2020 271
CORRECTION. Brown, Norman; Poole, E. Correction notice Jun 20, 2020 233
Fact Check: PM Imran does not own assets in UK as Justice Isa claims. Jun 18, 2020 335
Palace says Ressa's conviction due to 'bad journalism'. Jun 17, 2020 376
Fact Check: PM Imran does not own assets in UK as Justice Isa claims. Jun 17, 2020 342
#NewsFile: Social Media scolds Pius Hadzide over NDC Green Book. Jun 13, 2020 265
Tribune Fact Check: Indian media manufactures 'Karachi blackout'. Kazim Hamdani Jun 11, 2020 303
Tribune Fact Check: Leopard jumps into Islamabad house, attacks pet dog? Jun 10, 2020 450
Tribune Fact Check: Modi greeted with 'chowkidar chor hai' chants? Jun 9, 2020 384
Tribune Fact Check: Sana Makki - a cure for Covid-19? Kazim Hamdani / Sitara Arshad Jun 5, 2020 598
Group demands justice for West African journalists over COVID-19 assault. Jun 5, 2020 984
FACT CHECK: Advert on Bill, Melinda Gates Foundation inviting tenders is false. Jun 3, 2020 461
Tribune Fact Check: Whatsapp video that sparked Hazara town lynching? Jun 2, 2020 336
Tribune Fact Check: After spy pigeon, Pakistan sends locust army to India? May 31, 2020 380
Twitter obscures, warns on Trump tweet 'glorifying violence'. BARBARA ORTUTAY and MATT O'BRIEN AP Technology Writers May 30, 2020 1139
Trump signs executive order against social media companies, escalating war on Twitter. ZEKE MILLER Associated Press May 29, 2020 1176
Donald Trump signs executive order targeting Twitter, Google and Facebook; The president signed an order which gives regulators the power to pursue legal actions against firms such as Facebook and Twitter for the way they police content on their platforms. It comes after Twitter started fact-checking Trump's tweets. By, Jamie Hawkins May 29, 2020 722
Boris Johnson's committee claims fact checked on everything from schools to testing; The Prime Minister was grilled by fellow MPs in a virtual sitting of the Liaison Committee yesterday. Johnson blustered his way through the 90-minute grilling -here were fact check his answers. By, Oliver Milne May 28, 2020 1027
Donald Trump threatens to shut down Twitter amid fact-check social media row; It comes as Trump is expected to order a review of a law that has long protected Twitter, Facebook and Alphabet's Google from being responsible for the material posted by their users, sources claim. By, Abigail O'Leary May 28, 2020 585
Donald Trump signs executive order to regulate social media firms. Edward Thicknesse May 28, 2020 417
Trump threatens to 'close down' social media sites. MARTYN LANDI May 28, 2020 517
Trump threatens retaliation for Twitter fact-check. Zeke Miller Associated Press May 28, 2020 387
Trump threatens social media after Twitter fact-checks him. ZEKE MILLER Associated Press May 28, 2020 758
Tribune Fact Check: China-India standoff in Ladakh. May 27, 2020 432
Twitter adds fact-check warnings to Trump tweets. Barbara Ortutay and Dino Hazell Associated Press May 27, 2020 162
Donald Trump furious as Twitter fact-checks his tweets for the first time; Twitter said Trumps claims about mail-in ballots were false and had been debunked by fact-checkers, with the US president then accusing the social network of "stifling" his free speech. By, Katie Paul & Ryan Merrifield & Elizabeth Culliford May 27, 2020 418
Twitter has started fact-checking Trump. He isn't happy. May 27, 2020 1144
Pakistan International Airlines crash: When a tragedy was reduced to a barrage of tweets bereft of emotion. Mehr Tarar, Special to Gulf News May 24, 2020 2280
Tribune Fact Check: The PK-8303 plane crash. Kazim Hamdani May 24, 2020 428
Tribune Fact Check: Viral video of witness in Zardari fake accounts case getting shot? Kazim Hamdani May 22, 2020 412
Tribune Fact Check: Reham Khan seeks forgiveness for smearing PM Imran? Kazim Hamdani May 20, 2020 429
Tribune Fact Check: Viral photo of Murad Ali Shah at religious procession in Karachi. Kazim HamdaniPublished: May 16, 2020 May 18, 2020 355
Tribune Fact Check: Afghanistan's claim on Pakistan involvement in Kabul hospital attack debunked. May 15, 2020 556
Coronavirus: Pakistan minister claims New York to follow Imran Khan's lockdown model, fact checks claim otherwise. Falah Gulzar, Social Media Reporter May 13, 2020 455
Tribune Fact Check: Mystery shrouds over Zardari's health. May 13, 2020 436
Don't fall for corona cons; rife - and dangerous - make sure you get the facts, not falsehoods. May 8, 2020 675
Think before you like, comment [...]. May 8, 2020 152
Before you share... SHARE. May 8, 2020 152
Before you share... SHARE. May 8, 2020 152
Before you share... SHARE. May 8, 2020 152
Think before you like, comment [...]. May 8, 2020 152
Before you share... SHARE. May 8, 2020 152
Facebook ad promises never get past fact-checkers. George Kotsolios, Special to Gulf News May 5, 2020 929
Islamophobia in India - coronavirus: Muslim man suffering from partial paralysis falsely accused of 'throwing notes' to spread COViD-19. Evangeline Elsa, Deputy Social Media Editor Apr 28, 2020 817
Fact Check: Jio and Facebook message promising 25GB free data is fake. Apr 28, 2020 415
Iconic Labs inks deal with M&C Saatchi as coronavirus fact checking site reaches 2mln readers. Apr 22, 2020 424
Exploiting the Pandemic. Krey, Patrick Apr 20, 2020 453
Facebook steps up fight against virus fakery. Apr 17, 2020 608
Department of Health Abu Dhabi urges public not to spread rumours and tackles misinformation. Shreya Bhatia, Social Media Reporter Apr 12, 2020 297
Iconic Labs' coronavirus fact checking website reaches 1mln readers in a week. Apr 9, 2020 273
Mythbusters; PRAYERS AND SCARES AROUND THE WORLD Top fact-checking experts debunk false claims about disease that are spreading fear online. JAMES MONCUR Apr 6, 2020 743
Positive coronavirus news is great - but only when it's true. Apr 5, 2020 744
Fact check: Dubai Media Office clarifies viral video. Dona Cherian, Web News Editor Apr 1, 2020 167
Iconic Labs launches fact checking service to counter coronavirus misinformation. Mar 31, 2020 511
Fake news on coronavirus: Media should create 'Fact Check' corner. Mar 27, 2020 825
Facebook to launch Arabic third-party fact-checking. Giorgia Guantario Mar 22, 2020 748
AP FACT CHECK: Trump's takes on drugs for virus. Woodward, By Calvin; Perrone, Matthew; Press, Hope Yen Associated Mar 22, 2020 767
#Fakenews in #NatSec: Handling Misinformation. Cronkhite, Amanda B.; Zhang, Wenshuo; Caughell, Leslie Mar 22, 2020 7191
Cold food, ice cream don't cause corona virus: UNICEF Pakistan, WHO. Mar 21, 2020 493
Cold food, ice cream don't cause coronavirus: UNICEF Pakistan, WHO. Mar 20, 2020 540
WhatsApp launches Coronavirus Information Hub. Mar 19, 2020 626
Facebook launches Arabic third-party fact-checking programme in partnership with Fatabyyano in MENA. Daily News Egypt Mar 19, 2020 709
Facebook fact-checker in ME. Staff Report Mar 19, 2020 189
FACT CHECK: Viral message on army choppers spraying 'anti-corona pesticides'. Mar 19, 2020 261
Is COVID-19 airborne? Can bananas save you? DOH sets record straight. Mar 18, 2020 973
Fact check: Panelo says Korea did total lockdown eating bananas and gargling prevents COVID-19. Mar 16, 2020 837
Truth behind 'Pope Francis has coronavirus' report: Anatomy of fake news. Jay Hilotin, Senior Web Editor Mar 3, 2020 617
Fact-checking center warns of disinformation about virus outbreak in Taiwan. Feb 27, 2020 465
AP FACT CHECK: Democrats' debate flubs; Trump untruths at rally. CALVIN WOODWARD and HOPE YEN Associated Press Feb 21, 2020 732
FACT CHECK Examining claims from Democratic debate. Associated Press Feb 20, 2020 534
FACT CHECK: Has KWS banned conservationist Paula Kahumbu from Kenyan parks? Feb 19, 2020 1053
FACT CHECK: Did June Ruto meet Echesa in Poland as part of the fake military arms deal? Feb 18, 2020 1061
Global warming is a pure figment of the imagination; LETTERS. Feb 13, 2020 247
FACT CHECK: NTSA warns on fake Facebook page on driving licences. Feb 13, 2020 790
FACT CHECK: What Democrats got wrong and right in New Hampshire debate. Woodward, By Calvin; Alonso-Zaldivar, Ricardo; Press, Josh Boak Associated Feb 8, 2020 556
Fact check: China will not kill 20,000 coronavirus patients. Web Report Feb 8, 2020 213
Fact Check: Did Raila meet Obama during US trip? Feb 6, 2020 533
Fact-checking Trump's State of the Union claims. Josh Boak and Hope Yen Associated Press Feb 5, 2020 778
Fact-checking Trump's State of the Union claims. Josh Boak and Hope Yen Associated Press Feb 5, 2020 1358
Fact-checking Trump's State of the Union claims Check: Business investment has declined. Josh Boak and Hope Yen Associated Press Feb 5, 2020 778
Fact-checking Trump's State of the Union speech. Josh Boak and Hope Yen Associated Press Feb 5, 2020 1459
HUMANS DISRUPTING: Expect more regulation, fact-checking and curation. Mateos, Evelyn Feb 1, 2020 2093
Journalists and factcheckers to discuss misinformation and general election. Jan 28, 2020 319
Fact check: Fake emergency notification on coronavirus attempts to mislead public. Ramsha Jahangir Jan 28, 2020 536
Journalists and factcheckers to discuss misinformation and general election. Jan 27, 2020 319
Journalists and factcheckers to discuss misinformation and general election. Jan 27, 2020 315
Fact check: Locsin says no provision in US federal budget banning De Lima jailers. Jan 23, 2020 732
Fact-checking Tuesday's Democratic debate. Jan 15, 2020 657
AP FACT CHECK: Trump distorts data, Dems cut some corners. Woodward, By Calvin; Boak, Josh; Press, Hope Yen Associated Jan 15, 2020 1364
Instagram Fact Checking Feature Causing Photographers To Worry: Here's Why. Julio Cachila Jan 14, 2020 459
FACT CHECK:. Hope Yen Associated Press Jan 9, 2020 1097
VP is top victim of fake news, fact-checking group says. Jan 2, 2020 437
DNE Fact Check: Did Egypt forfeit its rights in the eastern Mediterranean's EEZ? Daily News Egypt Jan 2, 2020 498
In a Post-Truth World, Your Newspaper Beats Social Media for Facts. Reprint Jan 1, 2020 730
Fact check: Pelosi's bogus talking point on gun deaths of children. Glenn Kessler The Washington Post Dec 18, 2019 883
Trump Awarded 'Lie of the Year' For 3rd Time Since 2015. Arthur Villasanta Dec 17, 2019 590
Instagram will fact-check to prevent misinformation. ANI Dec 17, 2019 144
Instagram third-party fact checking service goes global to combat fake news. Dec 17, 2019 360
Presidents need mental health evaluation. Dec 16, 2019 198
Fact check: Secrecy around SALNs not exclusive to Duterte administration. Dec 16, 2019 1548
Fact check on some of Trump's reactions and what others said. Yen, By Hope; Rugaber, Christopher; Press, Ellen Knickmeyer Associated Dec 15, 2019 1167
Outliving the shadow of Trump effect. Ahmad Mustafa, Special to Gulf News Dec 12, 2019 877
Saeed Ghani admonishes media for 'reporting on Dadu stoning case without verifying facts'. Imtiaz Ali Dec 10, 2019 869
Will Sacha Baron Cohen's War on Facebook Convince Zuckerberg to Ban Political Ads? Dec 3, 2019 478
Fact Check: Dispelling Myths for National Influenza Vaccination Week. Farah Kahn Dec 3, 2019 616
PTCIJ's Dubawa Commences 'Week For Truth' Across Nigeria. Dec 2, 2019 987
IN SEARCH OF THE TRUTH: To free themselves from lies, journalists are using new tools and techniques to check facts. Suciu, Peter Cover story Dec 1, 2019 2581
Planned Parenthood lie about the number of abortion deaths prior to Roe earns it a place in Washington Post's 2019 Top Ten list for deception. Dec 1, 2019 611
Fact check: Duterte says Constitution doesn't require health disclosure. Nov 30, 2019 406
Fact-Checking Frozen 2's Olaf's Mad Science Claims. Jan Cortes Nov 28, 2019 390
Listen to Boris and check out the fibs. Nov 27, 2019 164
FACT CHECK: PTA says notification regarding Telenor suspension is fake. Nov 25, 2019 291
Boris Johnson squirms at awkward question on fake Tory fact checking fury; The Conservative Leader pleaded ignorance when asked whether it was OK for the party's Twitter feed to pose as an independent fact-checking service during a TV debate. By, Mikey Smith Nov 24, 2019 292
I believe that children are our future - and I, for one, am glad; putting the 'heck' into fact-checking. Tom Evans Nov 22, 2019 421
Sacha Baron Cohen slams Facebook for not fact-checking political ads; Sacha Baron Cohen even went so far as to claim that if Facebook was around in the 1930s, it would have allowed Hitler to post ads targeting Jews. By, Shivali Best Nov 22, 2019 340
The Tories renamed themselves FactCheckUK while Boris Johnson was accused of spewing out lies and half truths on the leaders debate; The Conservative Party press office has been accused of 'misleading the public'. Jillian MacMath Nov 20, 2019 563
Emily Maitlis skewers Tory party chair over 'misleading' Twitter account; The BBC Newsnight presenter took James Cleverly to task over CCHQ changing their name to 'factcheckUK' for last night's election debate. The change sparked outrage with hundreds reporting the account to Twitter. By, Tom Davidson Nov 20, 2019 514
Corbyn vs Johnson debate fact checked: All the claims, lies and half-truths; Jeremy Corbyn and Boris Johnson squared off in the first election debate on ITV last night and both party leaders made claims about funding the NHS and delivering Brexit. By, Dan Bloom & Tom Davidson Nov 20, 2019 1024
Ralf Little locked out of Twitter after he mocked Tory 'fact checking' rebrand; The Royle Family actor says he assumes he's been suspended after rebranding his Twitter account to mock the Tories for their own 'misleading' machinations on social media. By, Tom Davidson Nov 20, 2019 587
BBC Royle Family actor Ralf Little 'suspended' from Twitter after leaders' debate; "Just been logged out of my twitter account without explanation. Assume I've been suspended". Rebecca Koncienzcy Nov 20, 2019 618
General Election 2019 briefing: Leaders debate fallout / Sturgeon not impressed by either Johnson or Corbyn / Tories criticised over Twitter fact check stunt. Nov 20, 2019 670
Leaders Debate: Tories slammed after rebranding official Twitter account 'factcheckUK'. Nov 20, 2019 434
Snapchat fact checks political ads, says boss. JAMES WARRINGTON @j_a_warrington Nov 19, 2019 170
My top six reasons why you should vote for Boris. WILL HAYWARD Welsh Journalist of the Year 2019 Nov 15, 2019 1375
Boris Johnson's election broadcast shows he thinks we're stupid / Will Hayward; The Conservatives have released a video suggests you should vote for Boris Johnson because he drinks tea, eats chips and makes strange shapes with his eyes. Will Hayward Nov 14, 2019 1634
This Fish With A Human Face Has Taken The Internet By Storm. Rohit R Nair Nov 13, 2019 309
Fact check: Do Conservative claims about Labour's spending add up? Nov 10, 2019 584
The 'luxury' to change our minds; LETTERS. Nov 8, 2019 261
Real reason why Facebook fails at fact-checking. Siva Vaidhyanathan Nov 6, 2019 1029
Fact-Checking Feminism. Wagner, Sally Roesch Nov 1, 2019 933
Fact check: Where Trump was wrong and right about Chicago violence. Daily Herald report Oct 29, 2019 305
Fake news? We've been twisting the truth for centuries...and that's a fact; Honest Truth Full Fact lays claim to being Britain's leading independent fact-checking organisation so its editor Tom Phillips should know the truth when he sees it. Or does he? Previously editorial director of BuzzFeed UK, Tom tells Sally McDonald the real facts about his second book. Oct 27, 2019 658
Bukit Aman roping in historians in pro-China comic book probe. Oct 23, 2019 331
Facts don't lie, let's support those who check them. Peter Cunliffe-Jones, Laura Zommer, Noko Makgato and Will Moy (Truth Matters) Oct 19, 2019 646
How fact-checking can win against misinformation. Oct 19, 2019 888
AP FACT CHECK: Claims from the Democratic debate. Oct 16, 2019 1060
AP FACT CHECK: Claims from the Democratic debate. Associated Press Oct 16, 2019 1041
Twitter says world leaders 'not above' its rules. Oct 16, 2019 417
Fact check: Misleading claims about the House impeachment inquiry. Salvador Rizzo The Washington Post Oct 11, 2019 1694
Facebook Expands Third-Party Fact-Checking Programme to Kenya. Oct 11, 2019 205
Fact-checking the Boristas' claims. Oct 10, 2019 632
Facebook Extends Fact-checking Programme To 10 New African States. AFP News Oct 9, 2019 300
Facebook Expands its Third-Party Fact-Checking Programme to 10 Countries across Sub-Saharan Africa. Oct 8, 2019 863
Facebook says it isn't fact checking politicians on the site. BARBARA ORTUTAY AP Technology Writer Sep 29, 2019 238
Facebook Exempts Political Speech From Fact-checking. AFP News Sep 25, 2019 347
Facebook exempts political speech from fact-checking. Sep 25, 2019 430
Facebook exempts political speech from fact-checking. Sep 25, 2019 377
AI: The Good News and the Fake News. Kompella, Kashyap Sep 22, 2019 690
Byrne refuses to apologise in job figures row. Sep 19, 2019 365
Fact checking and climate change. Sep 14, 2019 1155
AP FACT CHECK: Democrats claim Trump inspired El Paso killings. Sep 14, 2019 1038
Fact checking and climate change. Sep 14, 2019 224
Fact check: Trump and Democrats mangle science. Woodward, By Calvin; Yen, Hope; Press, Seth Borenstein Associated Sep 8, 2019 1918
Instagram to let US users report false content. Aug 20, 2019 376
FACT CHECK: How True Is President Buhari's Claim On Food Security? Aug 19, 2019 1424
Fact check: Trump's and Biden's dueling claims on criminal justice reform. Aug 15, 2019 1408
Facebook, together with Africa Check, expands its local language coverage as part of its Third-Party Fact-Checking Programme. Aug 14, 2019 426
Fact-checking the second Democratic debate. Aug 2, 2019 1704
Fact-checking Wednesday night's Democratic debate. Aug 1, 2019 1202
Fact-checking the second Democratic debate (night 1). Kessler, By Glenn; Rizzo, Salvador; Post, Meg Kelly The Washington Aug 1, 2019 2865
Facebook urged to help fact checking; UK & WORLD. Jul 30, 2019 121
Facebook urged to help fact checking; UK & WORLD. Jul 30, 2019 162
Facebook fact checkers stumped by satire amid crackdown on fake news. Jul 30, 2019 257
Fact check: Did Duterte give Atong Ang a PCSO post? Jul 30, 2019 627
Fact Check: Controversy Surrounds Saudi Blogger's Jerusalem Visit. Jul 25, 2019 748
Fact check: Is Trump cutting Medicare to give tax breaks to billionaires? Jul 25, 2019 852
PCOO rejects Vera Files' fact-checking of #RealNumbers data. Jul 14, 2019 260
Fact check: Would Medicare-for-all mean hospitals for none? Jul 4, 2019 1555
Facebook's 'Fake News' Problem Won't Be Solved by Banning Trolls. Binkowski, Brooke Jul 1, 2019 830
Fact-checking night 2 of the Democratic debate. Kessler, By Glenn; Rizzo, Salvador; Lee, Michelle Ye Hee; Post, Meg Kelly The Washington Jun 29, 2019 2383
FACT CHECK On busing, cages, tax benefits. Jun 28, 2019 844
Fact-checking the first Democratic debate. Kessler, By Glenn; Rizzo, Salvador; Lee, Michelle Ye Hee; Post, Meg Kelly The Washington Jun 28, 2019 1980
FACT CHECK Claims from the first Democratic debate. Jun 27, 2019 753
SPOT Test: A unified model to spot fake news. Arman, Zahedur R. Jun 22, 2019 1574
Restaino and Piccirillo Exchange Jabs; Restaino Calls Out Piccirillo's Lies. Jun 20, 2019 534
Fact-checking President Trump's reelection campaign kickoff. Jun 20, 2019 2797
Beware the Rabbit Hole: To stop misinformation from spreading, journalists shouldn't rely only on social media. Tornoe, Rob Jun 1, 2019 1054
(Re)constructing Professional Journalistic Practice in Mexico: Verificado's Marketing of Legitimacy, Collaboration, and Pop Culture in Fact-Checking the 2018 Elections. Martinez-Carrillo, Nadia I.; Tamul, Daniel J. Jun 1, 2019 9483
FACT CHECK: Senator Ben Murray-Bruce Goofed On Rwanda's Solar Energy. May 24, 2019 932
Natalie Portman denies she ever dated 'creepy' Moby. May 23, 2019 721
Who burned Notre Dame? Going after fake news as EU election nears. Reuters News Service May 16, 2019 887
Fact check: Erap says 'there is no such thing as political dynasty'. May 13, 2019 1051
Panelo says FB political meme of him endorsing 'Otso' bets 'malicious fake news'. May 10, 2019 413
Fact check: President Trump's claim that Puerto Rico 'has been given' $91B. May 8, 2019 470
Fake news alert: Rights group urges Filipino youth to join armed communist NPA group. Gulf News Web Report May 7, 2019 375
Dubawa Begins 6-Month Fact-Checking Fellowship For Nigerian Journalists. May 4, 2019 573
Indian journalist apologises for 'incorrect' tweets. May 3, 2019 489
Is Indian politician Raj Thackeray exposing Modi's lies? Apr 26, 2019 706
Is Indian politician Raj Thackeray exposing Narendra Modi's claims? Apr 26, 2019 706
Fact check: How likely can the Philippines beat Canada in war? Apr 25, 2019 782
Phivolcs denies rumored 7.1 quake in Metro Manila. Apr 23, 2019 295
The whole truth and nothing but the truth; Emily Nicolle heads into the trenches of Facebook's UK fake news war room. Emily Nicolle Apr 15, 2019 596
Campus Press Hub Trains OAU Student Journalists. Apr 14, 2019 418
Students speak out against fake news, demand fact-checking. Apr 14, 2019 324

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