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Facing problems the key.

Dear Editor:

All of my 23 years I have seen pain. I have watched my people assault each other, hurt on the inside and outside. I've seen families fall apart only to come together when one of their members die. Then everyone feels bad, sad at the loss. How is it that we do this to ourselves? How is it that we can't look at the causes of our problems and deal with them? Where does the shame stop and the healing begin? I can only imagine how our Elders must look at us with regret and loathing at the state we have created for ourselves. Our Elders taught us to be at peace and harmony with nature and ourselves. I have rarely seen or done that like most of you. We call getting high or drunk fun, but is it fun to hurt our families, friends or our own people? We never really escape our problems, we just make more. Is that what we are to teach our children-that our lives are lies and hurt? We have created all of these problems nowadays. When, if you take the time to look at our lives, they could be simple like Grandfather's. Here's how easy it is to show love not hate. Don't hide from problems through getting high. Face them and grow/learn from the problems. You see, I have been down the same wrong path. Before this, I had my freedom taken from me for the troubles I've caused, only to be released and follow the same cycle, just like a tree grows leaves and sheds them.

I want my family happy, I want my people proud. I want to be an Elder that children come to and learn that life is hard, but if you follow a true path, you'll keep our traditions, language and legends alive.

I've seen that old school is cool--always. By this I mean that maybe our Elders' teachings have ways of keeping us together. We really have to look at where our lives are going, and do everything in our power to clean our environments up and give something in the process back to our children and Elders. I want to make a difference to the community and Turtle Island.

I think that we, as Aboriginals, have to be responsible for our land and our society. So let this not only be a call for change, but a call to duty for our people. Let's start making the changes to better ourselves, to get our pride where it's needed to show us we are strong. Not just in words, but actions.


Peter Mattinas
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Title Annotation:rants and raves
Author:Mattinas, Peter
Article Type:Letter to the editor
Date:Sep 1, 2007
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