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Facility of the year award sustainability: Pfizer biotechnology Ireland.

Pfizer Biotechnology's Ireland's Monoclonal Antibodies Small-scale Facility was built using industry best practices for sustainability and Pfizer's green building guidelines that included the extensive re-use of existing assets, waste minimization procedures, recycling utilization in both construction and operations, the inclusion of energy-efficient fixtures and equipment, and minimized air change rates to meet comfort conditions and classification standards.

This Phase 2B/3 clinical trial product facility is Pfizer's first biotechnology greenfield development and the site was chosen for a variety of reasons, including its proximity to the adjacent Pfizer Ringaskiddy site which allowed the new facility to use spare capacity of the existing wastewater treatment plant and fire main system rather than building a new treatment plant or bringing in new tanks and pumps for fire water retention. Other outstanding sustainability elements of this project included the re-use of 5,000 cube meters of crushed rubble from an old adjacent facility for the new facility substructure and 30,000 cubic meters of excavated material for general site fill and landscaping; the use of an eco-seal, grey, insulated roof membrane to reduce the heat island effect; and site orientation to optimize solar gain.


The project was executed with an excellent safety record and delivered on target according to a very aggressive timeline of 29 months, 35% better than the biotechnology industry benchmark average.
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Date:Mar 1, 2010
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