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FacetPhone Version 3 Announced; Targets Call Centers & Multi-Location Businesses.

PLANO, Texas -- FacetCorp, a leading provider of IP-PBX telephone systems for small to medium size businesses, announced major feature additions to FacetPhone, driving the available technology forward in several key areas. With the release of FacetPhone Version 3, significant new features have been added for both call center and multi-location businesses. Version 3 also expands the computer telephony integration capability of FacetPhone, adds T1 support and numerous other features.

Companies with call centers have a host of new options available to help manage their businesses. In addition to call recording, FacetPhone V3 supports call monitoring and call "barge-in." Supervisors and managers may monitor calls, and may optionally record calls or barge in to calls "on-the-fly" as needed. The FacetPhone graphical user interface (GUI) has a new, separate window for the automatic call distribution queues, and new status information to show if a call is in the queue or is being monitored. It shows the number of agents on duty and available, the number of unanswered calls in the queue along with the average and maximum wait times. The manager or supervisor can set alarm limits so they are instantly notified whenever the number of calls in the queue or the average wait time exceeds the limit. And, the FacetPhone GUI is completely controllable by management to restrict what information is viewable by users, agents and groups.

Companies with multiple locations now have a tremendous new tool to help their offices communicate easily and cost effectively. FacetPhone customers may continue to run their local phone system from a local FacetPhone server/controller. But with FacetPhone V3, servers in different locations are aware of, and cooperate with, other FacetPhone servers over the wide area network. Through FacetPhone's cooperating server functionality, employees may call co-workers in a remote office just as if it was a local extension. These inter-office calls are made through the company's Internet connection, and hence the calls are essentially free. In addition, outside calls in one location may be completely transferred to an extension at a different location. And with V3, FacetPhone supports least cost routing which provides for outbound calls from any location to go out the closest (or least expensive) point relative to the call destination. FacetPhone Version 3 also allows for multiple FacetPhone server instances running concurrently on a single hardware server, making it ideal for secure multi-tenant management operations.

FacetPhone Version 3 further expands upon the unique capability provided with the UTAPI (Universal Telephone API) protocol. The original UTAPI implementation allowed customers' Linux and UNIX data base applications to quickly and easily dial the phone and retrieve the callerID from FacetPhone so as to generate a customer data base "screen pop." With Version 3, the UTAPI protocol has been extended to handle customer applications running on a Microsoft Windows platform.

FacetPhone Version 3 has many other new features, including:

--Call Detail Reporting (CDR) web interface for flexible and quick ad-hoc reports

--Soft phone support with dynamically assigned IP addresses

--Dialing restrictions - both system wide and station level

--SIP T1 PSTN Gateway Support

--Direct Inward Dial (DID)

--Carry forward original callerID on forwarded calls

--Optionally display the called group name on the telephone callerID display (and the GUI) rather than the callerID data

--Automatic GUI user login and Telephone User Interface (TUI) login

FacetPhone - "IP from the Ground Up"
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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Oct 3, 2005
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