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Facelift for NY Hilton.

The New York Hilton, located at 1335 Avenue of the Americas in midtown Manhattan, has put on a new face. With the help of the Hudson-Shatz Painting Company, the well known hotel has transformed its two-story facade from a plain concrete finish to an elegant and understated faux marble. The Hilton's upgraded exterior now adds a striking visual element to its West Side surroundings.

Using highly specialized tromp l'oeil painting techniques, decorative arts specialists from Hudson-Shatz painted the facade of the building to resemble the textures, colors and grainy inconsistencies that make ornamental marble such an attractive finish for buildings.

"Because the Hilton's facade begins a full story above the street level, we had a particularly challenging job, said Gerry Kahan, president of Hudson-Shatz. "Our assignment was to give the surface a marble-like appearance from the street. However, real marble at that height would have appeared as a uniform color."

In order to create the desired effect, the Hudson-Shatz mechanics painted the Hilton facade in a faux marble pattem on a gigantic scale. The men climbed down from the scaffolding periodically and walked across Sixth Avenue to check the effect from street level. Custom-mixed, exterior coatings imported from Italy were used to ensure the durability demanded by the exterior of any New York building.

The result was a surface that from the street is indistinguishable from fine ornamental marble, giving the Hilton facade a rich and elegant appearance.
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Publication:Real Estate Weekly
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Date:Feb 19, 1992
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