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Facelift also adds security, interior garden.

Facelift also adds security, interior garden

Facelifts can work miracles on aging houses. The new facade on this 1950s tract house not only gives it a contemporary, more elegant look, but also adds privacy, noise control, security, and an interior garden surprise. Before, the U-shaped plan put the front door deep inside an open-roofed entry court. By positioning a new stucco wall 4 feet in front of the old exterior walls, San Diego architect Terry Judd closed off the court, making it private and free of traffic noise. For further noise control in the house, Judd also reduced the number of windows facing the street. A door in the 18-foot-long section of new wall leads guests to the once-exposed court, which is now filled with plants and open only to the sky. A second door, built slightly in front of the original entry, has a large glass panel that allows owners Margrit and Murray Goodrich to enjoy views of what has become their private front garden. The tile on the entry walkway continues into the interior of the house.

PHOTO : Tiled walkway leads from entry through garden court to new glass door. Original roof line

PHOTO : shows above columns

PHOTO : Before, front door hid deep in center of house, under trellis. In plan below, tint shows

PHOTO : new shallow shed roof extending from thickened stucco walls. New wall fronts 12-foot-wide

PHOTO : court

PHOTO : Facade protects privacy, with sole front windows stacked at right corner. Full and half

PHOTO : columns stand beneath new roof section
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Date:Apr 1, 1990
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