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Facebook users express 'dislike' of Facebook's 'Dislike' plans.

Facebook's decision to roll out a "Dislike" button to 1.5bn-user social platform met with some "dislikes" from those users, according to a report from Reuters.

Users took advantage of a general Q&A session with CEO Mark

Zuckerberg on Tuesday to voice their opinions, which ranged from the broadly

positive to the overtly hostile.

Among some 3,000 comments on the proposal were those that

raised concerns over the button being used for cyberbullying and trolling


"Please don't put a dislike button... There [are] times I

would love it, [but I] would much rather express my thoughts in words,"

said user Andrea Robichaud.

Facebook's "Dislike" feature, which is about to enter a test

phase, is the result of pressure from users over several years, according to Zuckerberg,

although he did say the button may not be called "Dislike" or use a thumbs-down


"Not every moment is a good moment," said Zuckerberg.

The button's function, he said, would be to give users an

alternative mode of expression on topics where "like" may not be the

appropriate response, such as the refugee crisis or the death of a loved one.

User comments included suggested alternatives,

such as a "sympathy" button or allowing users to opt out of the

"dislike" function for their posts.

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Date:Sep 17, 2015
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