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Facebook reactions.

By Christian Abe Garcia

Reacting to Facebook posts is now more than just clicking the Like button or posting comments. Facebook recently launched "Reactions", a new platform in reacting to posts through emojis. Although there is still the Like button, there are now five additional animated emojis for Facebook users to choose from -- the "love", "haha", "wow", "sad", and "angry" emojis. Facebook users are not limited anymore to just the Like button, as these "Reaction"emojis give users more variety in expressing their emotions in posts, photos, or videos on the social media website.

Here's a quick rundown of each Reaction emoji and where you may use them:


Without explanation, the Like button is the trademark emoji of Facebook. It has been one of the most popular emoji in the internet. At present, its popularity hasn't waned as it is still included in the current set of Reaction emojis on the website. It is used to express approval or interest in photos or videos on Facebook. Getting a lot of "likes" matter for a lot of Facebook users. It means that many people find their post amusing or eye-catching. However, with the new Reaction buttons, it is likely that its popularity may be diminished as there are now emojis that can express amazement or admiration for posts on Facebook.


A step up from the Like button, the Love button is for those who are really fans of a specific post. They can use the button if they want to show their love. These are the moments where a simple "Like" button is not enough. The button can also be used for "kilig" posts: proposal videos, wedding photos, or just about anything related to love. The Love button is for those who want to express the good vibes that they've received just by viewing a feel-good video, photo, or status post.


From the set of Reaction buttons, there are a lot of emojis that express positivity and the "Yay" button is one of them. The Yay button can be used to express amusement or rightful applause for posts like cat videos (which is very popular on the internet) or posts that shows incredible talent for a specific field like dancing, singing, etc.


From the name itself, the Haha button expresses laughter. This can be used for funny videos or photos like parodies, comics, or jokes posted on Facebook.


The Angry button is used to of course, express anger. This button can mostly be seen on videos or photos about politics or cruelty. The Angry button is an example of why every Facebook user needs to have more than just the Like button to express their reaction, as the Like button cannot express anger in itself without the need for the user to comment about his/her anger on the post.


Probably the most neutral emoji on the set, the Wow button expresses surprise or shock. Hence, it can be used for either positive or negative posts. Through this emoji, users can positively express their surprise for new baby photos or surprise birthday party videos. However, they can also express shock for videos about car and motorcycle accidents (which are becoming more frequent on Facebook), or any posts that could give either amazement or disbelief to viewers of the post.


The opposite of Like, Love, and Haha buttons, the Sad button is for expressing sorrow or gloom. This button is for those who want to express sympathy for disheartening posts like a video montage about a person who recently passed away, or stories about sorrowful memories. The Sad button is also an example of why Facebook has released more ways to express emotions other than just "liking" a post. As the Like button often expresses pure positivity, the Sad button is the exact opposite. Facebook can't be just about happiness and giving positive vibes, it can also be a medium where you can express what you truly feel, even if you feel distressed and downhearted.

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Date:Mar 23, 2016
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