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Facebook Profile Filter: How the Facewash App Could Help.

Don't you wish you could easily find and remove offending and offensive photos and posts that you have made on Facebook?

If you are one of the Facebook users who want to scrub their Facebook profile clean of these materials, the Facewash app may just be what you need.

Facebook's Graph Search has been on the rise, with many users seeing it as both a useful tool as well as a possible landmine of unexpected discoveries for themselves and their social circle.

Since Graph Search is slated to become an important pillar in people's Facebook habit, as CNet news reports, an app that helps you erase past mistakes-and that means profanities and offensive photos and information you've once posted-would be helpful to keep your profile squeaky clean.

Digital Trends reports that the new Facebook app will help filter and clean your profile to a more professional finish.

Using its own programmed database that lists potential profanities, Geekosystem reports that Facewash will scan and flag posts that were brought up with these searches, allowing you to delete them from your profile.

Facewash also considered the possible creative profanities that users may have posted, which is the reason for the search bar in the app. However, according to Digital Trends, some scans may bring up innocent photos. For instance, a query on sex may bring up gender-related posts.

The major downside? Facewash only conducts textual searches, meaning any posts with profanities or tagged photos captioned with "boobies" or "nip-slip" may be part of its search. But photos that have been posted with no textual labels will slip through the Facewash filter.

But this does not take away from whatever potential good it may bring your professional profile. The Next Web reports as long as the comments, posts, and updates are in textual format, the posts that you may have long forgotten will be brought up by Facewash.

Try the for yourself, and try to minimize the dirt that may have accumulated in your Facebook profile. A small step towards minimizing your Facebook profanity footprint may go a long way.
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Publication:International Business Times - US ed.
Date:Jan 22, 2013
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