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Facebook Blocks ISIS Efforts to Sell Plundered Ancient Artifacts.

By Israel Hayom

Facebook has taken down pages that may have been selling archaeological finds looted by the Islamic State group in Iraq and

Syria. The militant group has reportedly been using the social media network to sell off the invaluable artifacts believed to have been plundered by Islamic State militants from Syrian archaeological sites.

After receiving reports about the illegal sales efforts, Facebook removed the pages featuring the stolen items, which included scrolls written in both Hebrew and Aramaic, clay tablets, and ancient coins and golden statues. According to estimates, the organization has earned about $100 million by selling stolen items from approximately 4,500 plundered archaeological sites, many of which had been declared UNESCO heritage sites.

Reports said UNESCO and Interpol have been attempting to hinder this kind of illegal trade both for the cultural value of the items and to prevent the funding of the organization's terror activity via the selling of these rare artifacts.

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Publication:Israel Faxx
Date:Jun 15, 2015
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