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Face-to-face with science in Salt Lake City.

In their fondest dreams, children often picture themselves in exciting occupations--airline pilot, surgeon, scientist. In the Children's Museum of Utah in Salt Lake City, youngsters can act out those fantasies. It reopened on October 2 after a month of sprucing up.

Housed for a year now in the former Wasatch Plunge--a cavernous 1921 bathhouse recently renovated--the museum offers 16 exhibits that entertain as they teach. On Saturdays through October 26, there'll be demonstrations of each exhibit. Perhaps the most amazing exhibit focuses on an actual Jarvik-7 artificial heart, developed by Dr. Robert Jarvik of nearby University of Utah. Children don masks and gowns, walk into a simulated operating room with an EKG machine, respirator, ventilator, heart-lung machine, and other instruments, then "implant" the device in a mannequin.

Elsewhere, they can sit in a training cockpit of a Boeing 727 jet to flip control switches and hear taped control tower instructions. In an exhibit designed by a paleontologist, visitors can shovel, sweep, and search for a replica of a 30,000-year-old skeleton of a saber-toothed tiger and piece together the bones.

Just opened is a television studio, where youngsters can act out weather and news broadcasts while using a teleprompter and watching themselves on a TV monitor. Also new is an exhibit where able-bodied children can travel through a dark maze or negotiate an obstacle course in a wheel-chair, experiencing the challenges faced by those with physical limitations.

The museum is at 840 North 30 West Street, next door to pocket-size Wasatch Springs Park and less than a mile from the heart of downtown Salt Lake City. Hours are 2 to 5 Wednesdays through Fridays, 11 to 5 saturdays. Admission costs $1 for all ages.
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Title Annotation:Children's Museum of Utah in Salt Lake City
Date:Nov 1, 1985
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