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Face towel turkish hondloom, size.60x40 cms superior quality white to veriety no.4 to is-854/1991 with ncr monogram stamped in black indelible ink in all four corners. the handloom mark identification.

Tenders are invited for Face Towel Turkish Hondloom, Size.60X40 Cms Superior Quality White To Veriety No.4 To Is-854/1991 With Ncr Monogram Stamped In Black Indelible Ink In All Four Corners. The Handloom Mark Identification Should Be Printed On The Each Face Towel.

Quantity: 22146.00 Numbers

Bidding System: Single Bid System

Inspection Agency: Rites

Payment Terms: As Per Irs

Instructions/Remarks: 1 Face Towel Will Be Supplied By Acash Will Have The Handloom Mark. Thus Acash Would Arrange Supplies Of Face Towel From Those Apex Organisations Who Have Handloom Mark. 2 Firm To Quote The Validity Of Their Offer At Least 60 Days From The Date Of Tender Opening. 3 Inspection By:Rites. 4 Other Terms And Condition As Per Irs Conditions Of Contract. 5 Advance Sample To Be Got Approved By The Firm For Feel, Finish And Shade From Consignee Before Bulk Supply. 6 Advance Sample Submission Clause-Firm Have To Submit 03 Nos. Advance Sample For Approval Of Feel, Finish, Shade And General Workmanship To Consignee Within One Month From The Date Of Purchase Order. 7 Manufacturer S Name, Trade Mark, Year And Month Of Manufacture To Be Displayed On A Lable Suitabley Stiched To The Corner Of Face Towel. It Should Not Get Washed Away During Repeated Washing.

Tender Closing Date Time: 04/06/2015 10:55

Delivery Schedule: Within 02 To 03 Months From The Date Of Po.

Major organization : NORTH CENTRAL RAILWAY

Address : Allahabad,

Uttar Pradesh

Country :India

Email :

Url :

Tender notice number : 70154193-A

Notice type : Tender Notice

Open date : 2015-06-04

Tender documents : T27411648.html

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Publication:Mena Report
Date:May 23, 2015
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