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Face milling for cast iron and steel components.

What: Helido S890 FSN right-hand indexable family of face mills.


Who: Iscar (

Important to note: Designed for rough and semi-finish face milling on cast iron and steel components.

Pertinent data: The tools have an 88[degrees] cutting edge angle (2[degrees] lead), enabling milling-close to the sidewall. Available in a diameter range of 50-to 160-mm in coarse and fine-pitch configurations. The eight helical cutting edges are capable of a depth of cut up to 9 mm. Each cutter body includes coolant holes directed to the insert culling edges. The square-shaped inserts (S890 SNMU 1305 PN) are produced from the SUMO TEC carbide grades, adding strength and tool longevity. The inserts' cutting geometry and positive rake were developed for smooth milling with soft entry and exit.
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Title Annotation:ON MFG
Publication:Automotive Design & Production
Date:Apr 1, 2012
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