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Face it, it's going to be a bit tickly! SCIENCE CURRICULUM: Pupils grin and bear it as lesson in insects goes 'live'.


GEORGINA O'TOOLE smiled and put on a brave face when a praying mantis crawled across her cheek.

It was part of a very different lesson about insects where the specimens weren't in books but actually there in the classroom. And Georgina, aged 10, and classmate Kaylen Reeves were determined not to let it bother them.

Pupils from St Gregory's RC School in Harry Rose Road, Wyken, Coventry, had a rare chance to get close to unusual insects.

Gareth Ireland, who runs educational company Paradisea, visited the school with his collection of wildlife, including leaf insects, butterflies, a Mexican red knee spider, giant silk moths, caterpillars and a tarantula.

The children also acquired their own caterpillar to watch it turn into a butterfly.

Georgina said: "I was a bit nervous when the praying mantis went on my face but it was all right. It felt a bit like it does when the cat walks on my face. I think the praying mantis is my favourite one."

Kaylen Reeves, 10, had an

owl butterfly on his nose and said it felt "tickly".

He added: "Tarantulas are my favourite even though they can bite."

The visit was linked to the work about wildlife that pupils do in class as part of the science curriculum.

Mr Ireland, a former teacher and one of the founders of Stratford Butterfly Farm, said of his school presentations: "The pupils enjoy the chance to see the insects and to handle some of them."


UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL... Kaylen Reeves with a giant owl butterfly eating banana off his nose and (inset, left) Georgina O'Toole making friends with a praying mantis Pictures: Michelle Sperry D30758_3
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Publication:Coventry Evening Telegraph (England)
Date:Feb 7, 2006
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