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Fabulous all-rounder; North East exclusive The man at the helm of Newcastle Eagles is pretty nifty in the kitchen too. Katharine Capocci gets a taste.

Byline: Katharine Capocci

THERE'S no forgetting Fabulous Flournoy, the inspirational player/head coach at Newcastle Eagles British Basketball League team.

He's tall, some 6ft 4in, athletic and handsome, and his face lights up when he smiles.

We meet at Jesmond Dene House in Newcastle where he's been at the centre of a different stage - this time the scrutiny of a cooking theatre with an audience of lunching North East ladies.

"I was showing off food that I love to eat, all my mother's traditional recipes for Sundays from the Deep South," he explains.

On the menu were Flournoy faves such as baked macaroni and cheese, barbecued chicken and sweet potato pie.

Just another interesting sideline in Flournoy's fab life, but nothing that's going to detract from his real day job.

Life is a little bit sun-lit for the 34-year-old sportsman. For Fabulous - Fab to his friends - his is a pretty good moniker at the moment.

It's not over-egging it to say he's helped turn the Newcastle Eagles' fortunes around, transforming it from a mid-table team to the best basketball team in Britain.

So how does a boy from the Bronx, New York end up in Newcastle. It's been quite an epic journey.

He smiles when he says: "The boy from the Bronx has done good. Basketball has given me opportunities, it has been an escape."

Fab's a winner and rather a charismatic man. Like the Eagles, he's quite the high flier.



ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS: Fab Flournoy is quite the high-flier.
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:The Journal (Newcastle, England)
Date:Mar 17, 2008
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