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Fabricated racks ok if certified.

Units can still fabricate and legally use racks as long as the fabricated racks are certified as secure by a TACOM-RI logistics assistance representative (LAR)--or an authorized Reserve Component representative--along with a battalion-level command representative. Once the racks are certified as secure, they are authorized for use indefinitely. Units simply need to place the serial number provided by TACOM or Reserves on the rack and keep the certification document on file.

* have hinged locking bars with hinge pins welded or otherwise secured to the rack frame.

* be secure enough to prevent weapons, receivers, or barrels from being disassembled and removed while locked in the rack without using tools.

* use at least 3/8-in diameter bolts or machine screws. Bolts and nuts must be tack welded, brazed, or peened. Any modifications to standard-issue racks, including adding an adapter bar to the M12 rack to store M4 carbines, must also be approved by TACOM. Send requests for rack certification or modification to:

TACOM EA-SALD ATTN: AMSTA-LC-CSL-D Rock Island, IL 61299-6000

Questions? Contact James Rollins at (309) 782-1797/DSN 793-1797 or email:
The NSNs for the standard-issue racks are:

Rack Weapon NSN 1095-

M11 M1 and M14 rifle 00-897-8755
M12 M16 rifle/M4 carbine 00-407-0674
M13 M249 machine gun 01-197-7902
M14 M9/M11 pistol 01-236-2203
M15 MK 19 machine gun 01-216-9295
 M240 machine gun 01-466-2065
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