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Fabric-wrapped display stands, easy to build.

Fabric-wrapped display stands, easy to build

The sophisticated, clean-lined look of these homemade display stands belies their simple construction. Two have built-in light fixtures that wash the walls behind them with muted accent lighting.

Designed by homeowner Beryn Hammil of Corte Madera, California, the stands can be built with hand tools. You can choose any style or color of fabric to blend with other furnishings. Here, to make the stands look refined but unobtrusive, they're cloaked with a coarse cotton fabric that matches the color of the walls.

The 24- and 30-inch-tall rectangular stands were both made from 1-by-8 pine shelving. Cut three pieces the same length, stand two on their long edges, and nail the third piece on top to make a U-shaped channel. Stand it on end and nail on a top piece.

The rounded column is a 35-inch length of 10-inch-diameter heavy cardboard tubing used in forming concrete columns (available at building supply yards). Using a saber saw, Ms. Hammil cut a plywood disk to fit just inside the tubing; she nailed it in place through the tubing wall.

After stretching and stapling on the fabric so on wrinkles showed on the front or sides, she mounted inexpensive light fixtures with built-in switches. In the cylindrical stand, the light was mounted to an interior wooden crosspiece; it protrudes through an oversize hole cut in the back.

Photo: Cloth-wrapped stands display treasures. Taller stand (above) has light fixture mounted to back; it uses a low-wattage bulb

Photo: Soft back-lighting emphasizes form of glass vase with corkscrew willow branches in this bedroom alcove. Fabric's seam is at the back
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Date:Apr 1, 1988
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