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Fab fashion: she was the first in your crew to rock embroidered jeans, and she's way over Uggs. Knock off some of the season's hottest trends.

The New Vintage Tee

A carefully distressed T-shirt splattered with paint is rocker-chic.

What You need

A tee * scissors * seam ripper * paint pens * cardboard * iron

1) Hit the thrift store for a cool, worn vintage tee. Or search eBay for a shirt from one of her favorite '80s bans. 2) Cut off the bottom seam, then trim sleeves at an angle to make cap sleeves. Wet the ends and roll back 1/2 inch of cut material tightly, then steam with an iron without squishing. 3) Slide scissors into the neckline and cut open without cutting off the seam. You will now have several layers that you can ruffle up with an iron. 4) To give the shirt a distressed look, poke random holes in it with a seam ripper. 5) Place a stiff piece of cardboard inside the T-shirt where you want to apply paint so that it stretches the shirt slightly. Use paint pens suitable for fabric and strategically place drips on the shirt. Write phrases in cursive with the paint pen.

Blinging' Bag

Velvet clutches are so in this season ... and so elegant for New Year's Eve.

What you need

solid-colored velvet purse fancy brooches

1) Scour your local thrift store or flea market, catch a moving sale, or raid grandma's attic. We found each of these bags for under five bucks in an antique store and vintage shop. 2) While you're seeking out tiny purses, keep your eyes out for decorative brooches to a dorn the purses. 3) Either pick a single gaudy one to place in the center, or place a few smaller ones all over in clusters. Costume earings also make a great dangly, charm effect For decorating purses.

What you need

6 feet of 11/2-inch width grosgrain ribbon * two D-rings * double-stick interfacing tape * iron

1) Preheat iron to a low "silk" setting-no steam! 2) Fold ribbon in half, aligning edges so one end is an inch longer than the other. Race warm iron over folded crease for a few seconds. 3) Trim interfacingto match the length of the longer half of ribbon. Line tape up, tacky side facing down, onto the long side of ribbon. 4) Race iron directly over tape, and smooth iron slowly over tape so it adheres to the ribbon. Peel off paper from the other side of the interfacing tape, and fold the rest of the ribbon directly over the ironed piece. Run iron over belt so that the top piece sucks. 5) Race 2 D-rings through the uneven end (the end that wasn't folded). There should he an inch extra of ribbon with tape exposed. Fold this end down and iron over end to enclose the rings. 6) For an extra take the finished belt to an embroidery store to get your bud's initials stitched onto the bait for about $5.
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