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FUTURE IS FLIGHT; SCI-FI DREAMS WE WANT TO COME TRUE Flying cars & smart health monitors top our wish list.


FLYING cars and smart skin implants that monitor health are among the future technologies Brits most want to see become reality.

Space tourism accessible to the average consumer and virtual reality holidays also feature on the list of mostdesired innovations. The findings are part of a report to celebrate the launch of Channel 4's Electric Dreams, a 10-part series which brings to life sci-fi writer Philip K Dick's work.

Futurologist Dr Ian Pearson identified technological advances expected over the next 50 years and asked consumers which excited them most. Forty per cent said they'd like to see smart health implants become routine, so ailments could be automatically detected and diagnosed, while 28 per cent put flying, driverless pods to replace cars at the top of the list.

Dr Pearson said: "Instant mobile global communication at the touch of a button and computer networks which allow us to tap into the sum of all knowledge were once fanciful ideas of science fiction.

"We'll continue to see a raft of developments that were once features of futuristic sci-fi books become an accepted part of our everyday lives.

"Philip K Dick was among those who were years ahead of their time in identifying the changes we would see."

." ? Electric Dreams, Channel 4, 9pm on Sunday



AIR OF EXPECTATION Expert says flying pods will become part of everyday life

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Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Sep 22, 2017
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