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Gather two to five players, a sheet of paper and a pencil for each, then get ready for some fun. Here's the best part: Each player will keep his or her drawing hidden from each other until the end, when the funny figures are revealed!

1. All players draw a head at the top of their paper, with two lines coming down for the neck. Then the paper is carefully folded so that only the bottoms of the neck lines show are showing. Drawings are passed to the right.

2. Without opening the folded part, players now draw down to the waist, including arms. Fold the paper again so that only the bottom of the waist peeks out. Pass the papers to the right.

3. Still without opening the folded parts, players draw down to the knees. Fold and pass to the right.

4. Almost done! Again, without opening the folded paper, players draw down to the ankles. Fold and pass to the right.

5. The last step will be adding on the feet. Will they be sneakers, furry boots, or maybe duck feet? Pass the papers to the right one last time, then unfold your silly character drawings.

Anything goes, but it can end up extra funny if players continue with their original head idea. For example, a giraffe, a muscle man, or a ballerina. Imagine those three ideas mixed up!

by Marcia Strykowski

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Author:Strykowski, Marcia
Publication:Fun For Kidz
Date:Jan 1, 2020

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