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In a move to help organizations efficiently and accurately manage customer data across the enterprise, Innovative Systems Inc., Pittsburgh, has introduced its new i/Lytics(tm) software.

i/Lytics provides the industry's first fully integrated, end-to-end customer data management solution, expanding the scope of conventional data quality to include source data analysis, data quality transformations and enterprise data quality management. The software is designed to address the challenging points along the data quality continuum with its Data Profiling, Data Quality, Data Linking and Change Management modules. Unlike competitive approaches, i/Lytics' modules can be licensed collectively or individually, giving users the flexibility to choose only the functionality that they need, when they need it.

The product also offers new features unique to Innovative, including Intelligent Combine, Customerization and Review Workbench. Together, these functions allow users to seamlessly profile, analyze, parse, cleanse, match and household any type of customer information.

"i/Lytics can help enterprises gain the financial, operational and business benefits of strategic information management initiatives by ensuring the highest levels of data quality throughout the project's lifecycle," said Bob Colonna, president and CEO, Innovative. "Based on extensive research, Innovative determined that the market lacked a tunable customer data management product that could function as either an end-to-end solution or point solution. i/Lytics empowers organizations to manage their IT resources as they see fit."

In the early stages of data warehousing, customer relationship management (CRM) or other enterprise data management projects, data from disparate source systems and databases must be consolidated and mapped to the target system. Organizations that rely on inaccurate metadata and out-of-date documentation will create conversion specifications based on flawed assumptions about the source data. The effects can be catastrophic, resulting in runaway projects or even total project failure.

Before undertaking these tasks, users can employ i/Lytics' Data Profiling Solution to ensure the accuracy of data mapping specifications. The diagnostic tool automatically identifies potentially damaging errors in the content, structure, relationships and quality of source data. This highly accurate metadata can then be used for project planning, data conversions and data cleansing, significantly reducing project risks, costs and timelines.

i/Lytics' Data Quality Solution can be used to automatically locate and correct name-and-address formats, errors, misspellings and other anomalies in customer information. It also can analyze, standardize and reformat user-defined information, such as e-mail address, product number, telephone number, or tax ID number. During data quality processing, users can take advantage of Customerization, one of i/Lytics' new, exclusive features. Customerization automates the conversion of joint- or account-level records into customer-centric records.

The Data Linking Solution quickly and accurately identifies duplicate records for individuals, corporate entities and households by linking customers who share a name, address, account number or other user-specified commonality. This creates customer networks that go beyond traditional householding approaches, which are limited to grouping records based solely on physical location information. The Data Linking Solution includes Innovative's new Intelligent Combine feature, which allows users to eliminate duplicate records by defining their own business rules for more sophisticated merges and purges. The result: Surviving records contain the best information elements from all records in the matched group.

Both the Data Quality and Data Linking solutions are powered by Innovative's unparalleled knowledge base of more than 2.5 million words and word patterns. This proprietary resource allows organizations to accelerate data quality conversions by providing a comprehensive set of pre-defined business rules. As a result, organizations can focus on creating only those data quality business rules that are unique to their business and environment, saving valuable time and resources.

Also, within the Data Quality and Data Linking solutions, users have the option of invoking Review Workbench, a feature offered only by Innovative. Review Workbench can store suspect records that may be too sensitive for automated processing. This gives users the ability to inspect and correct these records onscreen, reducing costly reviews of hard copies and facilitating more than 99 percent data accuracy.

Completing i/Lytics' primary customer data management offerings is the Change Management Solution. It extends i/Lytics' capabilities to the Web for real-time data quality and linking processing.

Additionally, i/Lytics provides optional Geocoding and CASS certification. These functions append geographic and demographic information to customer records, enabling companies to develop customer profiles for more targeted marketing. The Geocoding and CASS certification capabilities also allow organizations to meet stringent United States Postal Service qualifications for postage discounts on bulk mailings.

i/Lytics' point-and-click GUI interface enables users to easily develop and visually confirm the accuracy of conversion specifications and business rules. The product is Unicode 3.0-enabled and comes with integration-ready C-based APIs. Additionally, i/Lytics supports XML, CORBA(R), JNI and Component Object Model (COM)-based technologies, including COM+ and DCOM. Integration modules are provided for leading CRM solution vendors and i/Lytics can be easily integrated into other COM-based technologies such as Microsoft(R) Transaction Server (MTS), transaction systems such as IBM MQ Series(R), or Web applications such as Macromedia(R) Cold Fusion(R). i/Lytics is available on Win32, UNIX, Linux and mainframe platforms.

About Innovative Systems Inc.

Innovative Systems helps organizations to clean, understand and use customer data. The company assists clients with the migration, consolidation and storage of customer-centric data to create a unified view of any customer across the enterprise.

For more than 30 years, enterprise-class companies have relied on Innovative's data quality and linking software, systems integration, database solutions and third-party reviews of customer data. Innovative maintains headquarters in Pittsburgh, Pa., with European operations based in London. Representative offices are located in Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, South Africa and Spain.

For more information, visit or call 412/937-8217.
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