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FTC sets new guidelines for household furniture industry. (From the Archives).

Wood & Wood Products February 1974

New guides for the household furniture industry, slated to go into effect March 21, 1974, have been issued by the Federal Trade Commission. The new guides revise ones the FTC put out in 1963.

Among the reasons FTC cites for making the revision include changes in technology and materials used in furniture, and "widespread misleading advertising and other deceptive practices found in the industry that were not adequately dealt with in the 1963 rule."

The new guides contain more detailed provisions for affirmative disclosure of the use of materials and not what they appear to be -- plastic, vinyl, marble dust and others that simulate wood, leather, marble and slate, Under the revised guidelines, whenever furniture is of veneered construction or whenever plastic has the appearance of other materials (such as wood), manufacturers will have to disclose this on the furniture or on tags or labels attached to the furniture.

The new FTC guides will also try to cope with the widespread practice among retailers of removing manufacturers' tags and labels that disclose information about the furniture's construction and composition.

The guides permit the use of generally descriptive names of furniture styles such as "Italian Provincial " "Chinese Chippendale" and "Mediterranean." But the FTC warns that the unqualified names of countries should not be used to indicate style. Thus, it's all right to say that furniture made in the United States is of "Danish design" or of "Danish style," but it would violate the guides to describe the furniture as "Danish."
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Publication:Wood & Wood Products
Date:Feb 1, 2002
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