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FTC names new fiber generic. (Stearns Dealing with Financial Woes).

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has designated Cargill Dow's NatureWorks fibers as a new fiber generic (see Capitol Comments, page 24). The designation classifies PLA as a new fiber generic, while the trade name will remain NatureWorks.

To receive new generic classification, Cargill Dow, Minnetonka, MN, had to show how the fiber's properties and chemical composition radically differ from other fibers and explain what commercial use is foreseen and why the new generic is important to the public. PLA now joins other classifications including cotton, wool, silk, nylon and polyester as a recognized fiber category.

NatureWorks is the first fiber generic of the new century to earn FTC approval by gaining the acceptance of the commission. For a fiber to be classified as PLA, it must be a synthetic fiber manufactured from polylactic acid or poly lactate derived from naturally occurring sugars. NatureWorks combines the most desired physical characteristics of natural fibers as well as environmental benefits that result from using renewable resources.
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Title Annotation:Cargill Dow's NatureWorks
Comment:FTC names new fiber generic. (Stearns Dealing with Financial Woes).(Cargill Dow's NatureWorks)
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Date:Mar 1, 2002
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