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Late Arrival of Some June Payments

Due to a significant delay at the Post Office, some June payments arrived via mail up to a month late at the FTB. However, these payments will be posted with a timely date of June 15, 2019. No action is needed by taxpayers or their representatives.

On Tuesday July 9, the FTB received approximately 115,000 estimate and other payments with dates mostly between June 5 and June 20.

If a taxpayer or representative contacts the FTB regarding a payment sent in June that has not yet posted, the FTB customer service representatives will use all available resources to locate the payment.

The FTB is asking taxpayers and representatives to allow some additional time to process and post their payment. It's not necessary to stop payment on a check that was delayed. MyFTB users may log in to their MyFTB account to verify payment.

FTB's 2019 Filing Season Update

The FTB reports as of June 1:

* The FTB has processed 18.5 million personal income tax (PIT) and business entity (BE) returns.

* 17.4 million personal income tax PIT returns were filed, with 88 percent being e-filed.

* 8.3 million payments (PIT and BE), totaling $37.1 billion.

* The FTB issued 12 million PIT refunds totaling $11.7 billion and 92,000 BE refunds totaling $553 million.

* 88 percent of the PIT refunds were received by taxpayers within 14 days of filing, increasing to 98 percent of refunds being received within 30 days of filing.

* The FTB received more than 1.9 million Earned Income Tax Credit claims, allowing $348 million in credits/refunds.

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Date:Aug 1, 2019
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