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FSIS proposes changes to label definition of "meat type" products. (New Products).

The Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) is proposing to amend its nutrition labeling regulations to change the definition of "meal-type" products to allow for nutrient content claims on multiple-serve food containers, to adopt the definition of "main dish" used by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and to define how meal-type products and main dishes should be nutritionally labeled. The change in the definition of meal-type products would allow nutrient content claims to be based on 100 grams of product rather than on the serving size, which is based on the Reference Amounts Customarily Consumed for the food components. These actions are being proposed in response to a petition filed by ConAgra, Inc. The proposed changes will help to ensure that FSIS' nutrition labeling regulations are parallel, to the maximum extent possible, to the nutrition labeling regulations of FDA, which were promulgated under the Nutrition Labeling and Educa tion Act of 1990.
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Title Annotation:Food Safety and Inspection Service
Comment:FSIS proposes changes to label definition of "meat type" products. (New Products).(Food Safety and Inspection Service )
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Date:Apr 21, 2003
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