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FSCT hosts spring VLC on Mechanical Properties of Coatings.

The FSCT continues its 2004 schedule of Virtual Learning Conferences with a two-part course on "Mechanical Properties of Coatings." Scheduled for June 3 and June 10, the online conferences are presented by Loren Hill, Coatings Consultant. These courses may be taken separately or as a series.

Mechanical Properties I: Fundamentals of Property Determinations in Coatings

June 3: 2:00-3:30 pm (ET)

Film properties depend on the chemical nature of the binder used to form the film and on the reinforcing effects created by interactions between pigment particles and the binder. Fundamental concepts used in all branches of material science, of course, apply to coatings as well. The following concepts are reviewed and their influence on coatings performance discussed: viscoelasticity, glass transition temperature, brittle/ductile transition temperature, creep and recovery, stress relaxation, crosslinking, and network formation. ASTM and other agencies have developed standard test methods on coatings for hardness, flexibility, impact resistance, abrasion resistance, and scratch and mar resistance. Results of these tests, called performance properties, are discussed.

Mechanical Properties II: Test Methods and Property/Property Relationships

June 10: 2:00-3:30 pm (ET)

A variety of mechanical tests that are specific to coatings have been developed to determine properties such as hardness, flexibility, toughness, impact resistance, abrasion resistance, and scratch and mar resistance. Focus is on the standard test methods approved by ASTM for many of these performance properties. Needs for improved performance in these tests for various end uses, such as mar resistance for auto topcoats and post-formability for most coil coatings, are discussed. Designing binder structures for improved performance is currently limited, in many cases, by insufficient understanding of the relationships between fundamental properties and performance properties. The current state of knowledge of these critical property/property relationships is presented.

Learning Objectives:

* Understand basic concepts that bring order to structure/property relationships

* Provide examples that demonstrate how property knowledge has resulted in improved performance

* Describe how coatings performance properties as determined by ASTM Standard Test Methods are related to basic properties as determined by stress-strain curves and by dynamic mechanical analysis

* Understand the current state of knowledge of critical property/property relationships

* Provide examples from many coatings types (automotive coatings, beverage can coatings, coil coatings, architectural coatings, etc.) of use of recent advances in property understanding

Course Instructor: Loren Hill received his B.S. in Chemistry from North Dakota State University in 1961 and Ph.D. from the Pennsylvania State University in 1965. He was a faculty member at NDSU where he taught physical chemistry from 1965 to 1971 and coatings chemistry from 1971 to 1980. Dr. Hill left academia in 1980 to join Monsanto as a Science Fellow. He was promoted to Senior Fellow in 1987 and continued in this position at Solutia Inc., a spin-off from Monsanto, from 1997 to 1999.

Dr. Hill is currently a consultant in the areas of structure/property relationships of coatings and determination and control of crosslink density in thermoset coatings. He has been the recipient of two awards for outstanding research in coatings: the FSCT Mattiello Memorial Lecture Award in 1991 and the ACS Roy W. Tess Award in 1998.

Who Should Attend: These courses will benefit R & D personnel, technology managers, quality control/reliability engineers, technical market specialists, and technologists responsible for approving coatings for new end uses or replacing existing coatings.


Early Bird Fees: Register by May 27 for either course to receive the discounted rate of: $349 FSCT member; $399 nonmember.

Regular Fees: After May 27, the registration fees are: $399 FSCT member; $449 nonmember.

Only one fee is charged per location, regardless of how many participate.

To register, contact FSCT, 492 Norristown Rd., Blue Bell, PA 19422-2350; 610.940.0777; fax: 610.940.0292; email: Visit for more information.


Piedmont Society, WCRG, and University of North Carolina--Greensboro to Host

Wood Coatings & Substrates

September 10, 2004


For information, contact Ron Obie, WCRG, 336.841.0264; fax: 336.841.0303;
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