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In the pages that follow, you will find details related to the proposed merger between the NPCA and the FSCT. Much of it deals with the organizational structure that would be created through the merger. While these details are important, they will not likely impact much of the overall membership of the Federation. No, what is more important are the overriding principles upon which the discussions were based and how this merger will benefit the membership, our organizations, and the industry we serve.

The underlying principles include the following:

* FSCT as the leading technical and scientific educational organization for the industry; NPCA as the leading advocacy organization

* Endorsement and support of membership in both organizations

* Continued affiliation and interaction with local societies, councils, associations, and the CIEF

* Improvement and expansion of member benefits

As we begin to meet with the different groups of members to explain the details of the proposed merger, some common questions have appeared.

-- What will stay the same as a result of the merger?

The FSCT will continue to provide the products and services that the members are used to receiving. This includes:

* JCT CoatingsTech

* Journal of Coatings Technology and Research

* Online Learning Courses--VLCs

* ACSeries Educational Programs

* FutureCoat! Conference

* Access to an international network of industry colleagues

* Professional and personal development opportunities

The various committees or groups that shape and organize the FSCT activities will continue their valuable work. The communications to and relationship with the local Societies and industry affiliates will continue. The FSCT will continue to be managed through the hard work and dedication of the volunteers and staff that are vested in its activities and programs.

-- What is the status of the FSCT's International Technology Conference--FutureCoat!

The FSCT will continue to host our internationally recognized Technology Conference--FutureCoat! Previously this had been held in conjunction with the ICE show. This program, which includes the Mattiello Memorial Lecture, Roon Award competition papers, student poster sessions, Technical Focus Lecture, and pre-conference short courses will continue in Chicago in the fall of 2008. This program will be a complement to the American Coatings Conference and will be a very cost-effective educational offering. In future years we will look for ways to combine the scheduling of this program with other NPCA industry events.

-- Will there be any change to the dues structure?

We do not expect any changes at this time. Since the NPCA has corporate membership and the FSCT is by individual, it is difficult to develop an easy solution for combining these structures. We will, however, be able to extend discounted membership prices for members of NPCA to attend FSCT programs.

-- What will change as a result of the merger?

We believe the most dramatic change as a result of the proposed merger will be the increased spirit of cooperation and support for the activities and programs of each respective organization. Members of the FSCT will serve as invaluable assets in support of NPCA's advocacy efforts, and through the support of NPCA member companies, the FSCT will be able to expand membership and the products offered.

The strength of both the FSCT and the NPCA lies in the contributions and participation of its membership. Industry consolidation, globalization, and other factors have limited the resources available to both the FSCT and the NPCA. Through this merger, the cross promotion programs and activities, and broad industry support of membership in each organization, we hope to provide much more to our members and the industry collectively what we are unable to do separately.

We welcome your comments and questions and will continue to communicate as much as possible as we move though this process.

Joseph S. Pontoski

Executive Director
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Title Annotation:Perspective
Author:Pontoski, Joseph S.
Publication:JCT CoatingsTech
Date:Mar 1, 2008
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