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FSCT Board of Directors summary of August 2007 meeting.

At its August 17-18, 2007, meeting in Pittsburgh, PA, the FSCT Board of Directors discussed and approved a number of ongoing initiatives. Following is a summary of actions taken.


The Board elected the following officer candidates for 2008-2009:

President (two-year term): YASMIN SAYED-SWEET, Alberdingk Boley, Inc., Greensboro, NC

Vice-President (two-year term): JOE BROWN, FSCT Cray Valley SA, Stalling-borough, N.E. Lincolnshire, UK

Secretary-Treasurer (one-year term): KEVIN PELLING, L.V. Lomas Ltd., Brampton, Ontario, Canada

Installation of Officers will occur at the October 2, 2007, Annual General Meeting of the members in Toronto.


The following slate of candidates, approved by the Board, will be presented for election by the membership in December 2007:

Board of Directors (three member-elected directors for three-year terms):

PAUL DELMONICO (Rocky Mountain) -- Old Western Paint Co., Denver, CO

CHRIS HARDING (Cleveland) -- Waterlox Coatings Co., Cleveland, OH

BOB HENDERSON (Pittsburgh) -- Lonza, Inc., Pittsburgh, PA

RICK MAZZARIELLO (New England) -- Enrichem Specialties, Sandy Hook, CT

PAUL NICHOLSON (British) -- WhitChem Ltd., Newcastle, Staffordshire, UK

RENEE SHREVES (Detroit) -- Quaker Color, Troy, MI (Ms. Shreves has since withdrawn her nomination.)


The Board discussed the status of ICE 2007 in Toronto. Some of the highlights include:

* 170 exhibitors occupying 25,000 net square feet of space

* Advance housing deadlines are fast approaching with limited availability remaining.

* FutureCoat!, the technical program, is complete and includes a record number of presentations--over 100.

* Registration continues to build as Labor Day weekend approaches.

* An additional education program geared toward REACH and its impact on North American coatings companies has been developed and added to the schedule.

* A record number of poster sessions (36) will be presented.

* The Board approved the formation of an ICE Advisory Committee to include all segments of participants in an effort to get feedback for improving the show.

* ICE 2008: The every-other-year schedule in Chicago will resume and invitations to exhibit will be distributed in the coming weeks.


Vice President Sayed-Sweet and Mr. Pontoski presented a status update on the announced Strategic Alliance between the FSCT and OCCA. Members of both organizations continue to work through various details to ensure its smooth implementation. As part of this alliance, members of OCCA will become members of the FSCT and all will have access to a larger, global network of resources. Both organizations will realize efficiencies through the alliance while providing expanded benefits to the membership.


The Board reviewed a report from Jennifer Majchrzak, FSCT Education Coordinator, outlining details of recent and upcoming events. Of particular note was the development of the REACH program to be held at ICE, the record number of poster sessions submitted, and the university welcoming program. Also, the results of the Wood ACSeries program, recently conducted in Seattle, were presented and discussed. Although the budgeted figures for attendance and revenue were not achieved, the event received high praise from all attending. Plans are underway for a program in 2008 on Nanotechnology as well as other programs to be located in other parts of the world.


The Board reviewed and discussed the development of a program designed to attract members in locations outside the United States who typically do not have the opportunity to join individual membership organizations either due to financial reasons or local customs. In consultation with the Director of International Affairs, Colin Penny, an application was developed to allow multiple employees from the same company location to become members of the FSCT and have access to the benefits and services offered. With the understanding that this is a pilot program currently being offered only to affiliates in Latin America, the Board approved the International Industry Partner application and program.


The Board discussed the FSCT staffs continuing efforts to interact and work with the local Societies for cross promotion of events and communication with the membership. Participation at some recent Society events has been well received and Mr. Pontoski is making efforts to meet Society leaders and attend Society meetings/functions. Additionally, regular updates of activities are being sent via a leadership e-newsletter to all Society officers. FSCT headquarters appreciates the opportunity to interact with the local Society members.


The Board reviewed a PowerPoint presentation that was distributed to the Society Liaison Council members and to industry leaders, outlining the value of the FSCT and its local Societies. This presentation is available to anyone in the Societies who may have an opportunity to discuss the value that the national and local Societies provide to the membership and the industry.


FSCT Director of Communications Pat Ziegler discussed the status of various communications aspects including:

Journal of Coatings Technology and Research -- Progress continues to be made in integrating the various processes and procedures involved with the combined FSCT-OCCA-Springer partnership to produce JCTR. The expansion of member benefits associated with this combination includes online archives of other journals such as Colloid and Polymer Science and Journal of Materials Science.

* JCT Coatings Tech -- Feedback on content continues to be very strong and, due to the successful efforts of our Advertising Representative, ad sales are expected to continue their strong growth in the current fiscal year.

* Publications Committee -- Several projects are in process under the direction of the Publications Committee including the 4th edition of Service Life Prediction and a revision of the Pictorial Standards for Coatings Defects. Additionally, the committee is reviewing various aspects of the FSCT website with the intention of making recommendations with regards to its future direction.

* Membership Promotion -- Sample ads were presented for an advertising campaign being developed, which highlights various people in the industry and the impact that the FSCT has played in their professional lives.


President Ryntz led the Board in a discussion updating recent activities associated with the NPCA and other organizations. Communications with key leaders of NPCA have been initiated in an effort to provide awareness as to the value of the FSCT as well as attempting to resolve the current circumstances between our two organizations.


The Board reviewed and discussed the proposed budget for the 2008 Fiscal Year. The Board approved the 2008 budget with revenues of $3,048,758 and expenses of $2,875,422 and a net surplus of $171,000. Key components of the budget include:

* Publications revenue growth due to advertising increases and increased royalties associated with the JCTR and the partnership agreement with Springer Media.

* Increased membership revenues due to the addition of OCCA members and an overall dues rate of $89.00.

* Additional revenues and expenses associated with facility restructuring.

* A decrease of 6% in Salary and Benefit Expenses.

* Reduced governance costs associated with Board Meetings.
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