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FSCT's International Coatings Expo will be held in New Orleans Nov. 1-3. Here is a preview of what select companies have planned for the three-day event at the Morial Convention Center.

The following companies are exhibiting at ICE 2006 in New Orleans. Here is a look at what they have planned at their booth and the products/services they will be promoting.

Air Products Booth: 1102

Air Products will introduce a variety of novel technologies including ZetaSperse multi-functional dispersants: Airflex EF833 VAE emulsion for low-VOC, high-end interior paint; ready-to-use nanopartide dispersions for transparent, colorless coatings; and several new water-based epoxy resins and curing agents for compliant coatings. We support our customers with manufacturing and technical support in over 30 countries. Visit or call 800-345-3148.

Arch Chemicals Booth: 1410

Regulatory and toxicology expertise, global product registrations, technical support and superior microbiology formulation capabilities make Arch Chemicals, Inc. a unique partner for meeting the antimicrobial requirements of coatings products. The European Patent Office recently granted Arch a patent for our Zinc Omadine ZOE dispersion, used in paints to deter the growth of mold and mildew. Visit booth 1410 and learn more about how products including Omadine, Densil, and Proxel antimicrobials can become a part of your solution.

BASF Corporation Booth: 826

The integration of Engelhard and Johnson Polymer with the world's leading chemical company creates dynamic new opportunities for the coatings industry. BASF Booth 826 will demonstrate how the combined strengths of three industry leaders can help formulators of coatings and printing systems for architectural, industrial and wood applications to be more successful. Our powerful portfolio of products--based on leading chemical knowledge and pioneering potential--delivers practical solutions for our customers' needs.

Brookfield Engineering Booth: 1702

Brookfield Engineering will be featuring viscosity measuring equipment related to the paint and coatings industry. Our CAP (cone/plate) series and KU-2 (Krebs reading) Viscometers are an "industry standard" when it comes to paints and coatings. Model DVII+ Pro w/Rheocalc Software provides an easy way to measure a large range of products. Compare batch to batch or historical data, explore shear rate characteristics or predict new formulation reactions. Also, our In-Line AST100 can measure and control the viscosity of a multitude of coating materials as well as other applications. Be sure and stop by--speak to one of our technical staff about your specific viscosity application.

Buckman Laboratories Booth: 1234

For more than 50 years, Buckman has been supplying performance products to the coatings industry. Today, Buckman offers a complete line that includes corrosion inhibitors, package preservatives, flash rust inhibitors, UV light stabilizers, tannin stain blockers, dispersants, mold inhibitors, flocculants, flame retardants and defoamers. Buckman is your single source of multiple products.

BYK-Chemie USA Booth: 802

BYK-Chemie USA Inc. will highlight its line of nanotechnology additives, Nanobyk, for permanent scratch protection and UV absorption. In addition, a new wetting and dispersing additive, Disperbyk-2020, based on CRP technology and a new rheological additive, BYK-430, will be introduced. To learn more about these new products, come see us at booth 802. BYK-Chemie is one of the world's leading suppliers in the field of paint and plastics additives.

Celanese Booth: 1226

Celanese is a global leader in polymer emulsions technology. Our wide range of emulsions includes PVAc homopolymer and copolymers, vinyl acrylic, styrenated acrylic, all acrylic, and VAE grades. Our goal is to be the partner of choice to our customers by helping them to drive value into their products. Ask us how we can help you to solve the tough issues facing paint and coatings manufacturers today. In North America, Celanese operates three emulsions manufacturing facilities located in Boucherville, Canada; Enoree, SC; and Meredosia, IL. Please visit us at booth 1226 or

Ciba Specialty Chemicals Booth: 928

We deliver affordable performance so you can make the impossible, possible. Ciba Specialty Chemicals lets you go from concept to coatings. We create brilliant colorants and performance additives for transportation, industrial and architectural coatings. Our portfolio of solutions includes coatings protection, lasting aesthetics and durability, brightening, catalysis, dispersing and improved rheology--all with an eye to affordable performance. Let us help you realize the possibilities. For more information, please visit

Clariant Booth: 702

Clariant's Functional Chemicals Division will be featuring dispersants for organic and inorganic waterborne pigment preparations and specialty emulsifiers for emulsion polymerization. We have the most diverse range of polyethylene glycols available to the market. The Biocides business unit will highlight biocides for the paint and coatings industry. Clariant Corporation, Pigments & Additives Division, a global leader in colorants and additives, will feature the Colanyl 500 range of low-VOC pigment preparations for aqueous architectural coatings. The DPP performance organic pigments Hostaperm Red D2G 70 and Hostaperm Red D3G 70 will also be presented, in addition to newly developed "ED" (Easy Dispersible) organic pigment line. On the additive side, Ceridust waxes will be highlighted for their utility in powder and wood coating applications.

Coatings World Booth: 1240

Coatings World is published 12 times per year and is read by more than 17,000 technical formulators, managerial and marketing directors at coatings manufacturers worldwide. Our staff of editors and correspondents, based in Asia, Europe, and the Americas, provide the most global information available on the US$60+ billion coatings industry. Please stop by our stand for a complimentary issue as well as a special free subscription offer for show attendees.

Cognis Booth: 934

Innovative technological developments in coatings resins and additives, primarily based on renewable resources and environmentally friendly materials, is the focus of Cognis new products. Cognis remains dedicated to helping its customers find technical solutions to ever-changing regulations, while using high performance materials which are solvent-free, APEO-free and heavy metal-free, including but not limited to: rheology modifiers, defoamers, coalescents, dispersants, surfactants, epoxy curing agents, acrylic polyols, monomers and oligomers.

Degussa Booth: 541, 543

Degussa's showcase of paint and coatings ingredients includes Aerosil fumed silicas and specialty oxides, designed for controlling rheology as well as pigment suspension; Dynasylan silanes, for adhesion promotion and surface modification as well as for enhancing paint properties such as scratch, corrosion, water and chemical resistance; Dynasil silicic acid esters for binders in zinc-rich paints; and Acematt matting agents, whose superior quality and high matting efficiency ensure superior formulations for all coating types. Degussa Engineered Carbons produces and markets a full line of carbon black products from the four major production processes--furnace, gas, lamp and thermal--under the brand names of Corax, Printex, NIPex, Arosperse, Sable, Panther and HI-BLACK. These products provide consistently superior performance in the most demanding tire and mechanical rubber goods applications, in critical formulations for inks and coatings, and in a variety of specialty plastic applications.

Draiswerke Booth: 1005

Drais DCP Mills are lined with special polymer compounds or ceramics for nanoparticles production. Drais DCP Technology sets new standards in wet grinding of high tech products down to nanometer range with no metal contamination. The combination of multiple dispersing and grinding zones in series has created the new Drais Nanostar impact/shear media mill. Products processed with the Nanostar exhibit an unsurpassed degree of fineness and extremely narrow particle size distribution. Nanostar ensures zero metal contamination and maintains low processing temperatures.

DSM NeoResins Booth: 1010

DSM NeoResins will highlight low-VOC, high-performance products for exterior architectural, wood floor, plastic and metal markets. Composite decking and siding resins, alkyd urethane technology and very low, high gloss alkyd dispersions will be featured. Also featured will be high-performance, chemical resistant acrylics for plastics, as well as resins that meet the MPI specifications for light duty maintenance.

Dynax Corporation Booth: 1439

Dynax Corporation, a major producer of fluorosurfactants for the fire fighting industry, is introducing the DX4000 Series fluorosurfactants at ICE 2006. These water-based and non-flammable fluorosurfactants are highly effective wetting and leveling agents for waterborne coatings, inks, floor polishes and other industrial applications. They provide superior equilibrium and dynamic surface tensions as well as low foaming properties in aqueous systems. Technical information including performance data will be presented.

Eiger Machinery Booth: 1121

Eiger will exhibit a full line of laboratory and production horizontal bead mills, dispersers and mixers. Included will be a new PLC-controlled Eiger laboratory "Mini" mill, and new PLC-controlled production bead mill and a new laboratory disperser with PLC controls. A new mill will be displayed designed for milling sub-micron dispersions. Information on Eiger's other process equipment will be available along with representatives to discuss your applications.

ICE Show Daily Booth: 1240

The official "Show Daily" newspaper for ICE. A new edition is published for each of the three days of the exhibition. The ICE Show Daily provides show attendees with overnight updates on the preceding show day, as well as exhibitor information and coatings news. The ICE Show Daily is published by Rodman Publishing in cooperation with the FSCT.

ISR Booth: 810

International Specialty Products (ISP) is introducing a new patented Fungitrol and Nuosept cost-efficient fungicide/algaecide combination for the protection of coating film against defacement. Patented BIT-based (Nuosept 498) and IPBC-based (Fungitrol 920) water-based dispersions have recently been granted EPA registration.

Jyoti Ceramic Industries Booth: 1110

King Industries.... Booth: 1118 King will feature technical information on a series of new products including: K-KAT KX-602, a powder catalyst for uretdione powder coatings; K-KAT KX-604, a mercury-free catalyst for cast elastomers; KSPERSE 5100, a wetting/dispersing agent for 100% solids epoxies; Disparlon LCN 400, a highly effective, value-priced polyacrylate leveling agent; and the new Disparlon UVX series of defoamers, wetting, and leveling agents for UV systems.

Lanxess Booth: 1618

The Lanxess portfolio for the coatings industry includes: Botchers, a leading producer of additives for coatings, paints, pigment concentrates, inks, and other applications; Functional Chemicals including Levanyl and Levanox self-dispersing, solvent-free pigment grades, which are ideally suited for the coloration of paint systems, and a wide variety of specialty applications; inorganic pigments including Bayferrox and Colortherm for coatings, plastics, and specialty applications; and material protection products including Biochek, Tektamer, Metasol and Preventol brands of biocides and preservatives.

LinearSource Booth: 1546

Come and learn about LinearSource, the new low-cost pigment distribution channel of Clariant Corporation. Go online with us for a demonstration of our easy-to-use website and online ordering process. Already know about LinearSource? See what we have added to our range for new High Performance Yellow and Phthalo Blue. Order your sample now.

Myers Engineering Booth: 918

Myers Engineering Inc. will feature its complete line of mixing and milling equipment. Extraordinary responses to customers' needs that include, but are not limited to, the development of a quad mixer and a technologically sensitive basket mill make Myers is an answer to many process problems. Learn about the company's capabilities and have a little fun at the same time. A game of chance awaits you.

Noveon Booth: 302, 1503

Noveon Coatings supplies a comprehensive portfolio of products for use in paints and coatings applications. Our complete line includes the resins and polymers that bind the system together as well as specialty additives--including surface modifiers, hyperdispersants, rheology control agents and flow promoters--that help enhance product performance. Noveon products are routinely used in paints and coatings for plastics, architectural, wood, and direct-to-metal coatings, and are backed with a global service and support network that is unmatched in the industry. Noveon, Inc.'s AMPS monomer brings numerous benefits to emulsion polymer intermediates, the backbone ingredient in formulating a variety of consumer and industrial coatings, paints, building and construction chemicals, and adhesives. For coatings and paints, scrub resistance, reduced grit and dispersant performance benefit the formulator as well as the consumer of the finished product. AMPS monomer-based emulsion polymers are well suited to meet environmental demands, replacing traditional solvent-based product formulations without sacrificing performance for durability.

Sartomer Booth: 418

Sartomer is featuring its complete line of monomers, oligomers, photoinitiators, hydrocarbon resins and specialty resins. These products are used widely to reduce VOC emissions in UV/EB, peroxide, polyurethane, two-part epoxy/amine and thermal-cured high-performance adhesives, inks, paints and coatings. Sartomer is also offering free subscriptions to its New Product Alert technical e-newsletters.

Shamrock Technologies Booth: 1018

Shamrock Technologies, Inc. is featuring its full line of PFTE products designed for coatings, inks, UV, water-based, and powder coatings applications. Specialties include: non-settling PTFE micro dispersions, fibrous PFTEs, and sub-micron PTFEs. Shamrock's technical staff will be available to also discuss its UV matting agents, texturing additives, and specialty wax alloys.

Silberline Booth: 410

Silberline features metallic, polochromatic aluminum, vacuum metallized flake and holographic special effect pigments. We have more than 400 aluminum leafing and non-leafing grades available in pastes, pellets and dedusted flakes for a variety of applications. Whether you need traditional metallics or dazzling special effects, Silberline can meet your coating needs.

Troy Booth: 1002

Global Solutions for Green Coatings. Troy Corporation creates products and solutions to help coating producers make products that meet or exceed stringent safety and environmental standards for global customers. Troy's zero-VOC products include dry film preservatives Polyphase 663 and 678, in-can preservatives Mergal K10N and 399 and the wetting agent TroysolTM ZLAC. With these products, coating manufacturers can formulate "green," high quality, aqueous coatings with low or no VOC that exhibit better performance than traditional products. Visit Troy at Booth #1002, or at for more information.

U.S. Silica Booth: 1602

Out MIN-U-SIL and SIL-CO-SIL Ground Silica grades are widely used in many different products requiring tight control of physical and chemical properties. As a filler and extender in paint formulations, MIN-U-SIL renders paint more resistant to chemicals because of its acid resistance. Its durability and chemical inertness make it an excellent product for epoxy, adhesives, coatings, mastics, and sealants. Various product packaging options are available. All MIN-U-SIL plants are ISO 9001 registered.

Unimin Booth: 834

Discover new possibilities in paint. Unimin Specialty Minerals, Inc. will exhibit its Brillant Additions family of premium fillers and pigment extenders. A matrix of physical, chemical and functional properties, the Brillant Additions portfolio features the Minex, IMSIL, Snobrite and Unispar product lines. New application bulletins and performance data further substantiate function and value in architectural trade paints, OEM and powder coatings, clear wood finishes, and industry and marine coatings.

World Minerals Booth: 1328

World Minerals, Inc. produces Celite, DiaFil and OpTiMat flatting agents, CelTiX titanium dioxide extension additive and Harborlite brand lightweighting and texture pigments. Production facilities located around the world assure cost-effective solutions for customers.
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