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FS career is 'amazing pace'.

Over the past decade my wife and I (retired from State in 2007) have watched the "Amazing Race" program on TV (in which pairs of partners race around the world over several weeks for a million-dollar prize) and thought often that as FSOs we are so lucky that in our careers we are involved in an ongoing amazing race.


Since we married almost 44 years ago, we have traveled around the world four times, earned several million dollars and been to over 100 countries/territories, working in 44. Our "pit stops" (i.e. posts) during our time with USIA and then the State Department were Pretoria, Washington, Tashkent, Sao Paulo, Manama and Bangkok. Pre-Foreign Service pit stops were Uruguay, Spain, Singapore, Texas, California, Vermont and Colorado, and our post-FS pit stop is Arizona.

A career in the U.S. Foreign Service truly does afford one a life of multiple amazing races!

George K. Wilcox Foreign Service officer (Ret.)

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Author:Wilcox, George K.
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Date:Jul 1, 2012
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