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IN this issue of Queen's Quarterly, we examine the future of humanity as technology, and particularly artificial intelligence, helps us to fashion a new world that we could have scarcely imagined only a few years ago. In many ways, our fast-learning machines are forging their own destinies-and this may lead to a future that is no longer under our control. Still, we have millennia of hard lessons behind us, and we may be able to sketch out a guidebook to save ourselves-from ourselves, and from our electronic creatures.

The past is full of wreckage and heartbreak, as Lady Franklin would attest. Could she ever have imagined that it would be over a century and a half before her beloved husband's ships would finally be found in the Canadian Arctic? And how is it that the remarkable story of "Canadian Nightingale" Bertha Crawford has been forgotten for so long, only now to be uncovered through the work of an intrepid historian?

In the end, our memories are what guide us into the unknown of the future, as many a veteran of the harsh twentieth century could explain. In looking back at the last hundred years, we can at least marvel at people's resilience, strength, and character in the face of terrible challenges. With the right set of moral and intellectual map books, we may be able to prove ourselves worthy of our world.

One dear friend of Queen's University and Queen's Quarterly knew a great deal about the dangers of history and the need to strive for a better world. Alfred Bader (1924-2018) lived an extraordinary life, and he and his wife Isabel worked for decades to make Queen's a better university, and the world a better place. Their legacy is all around us.

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Date:Mar 22, 2019
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