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The theme for this edition of Defense Acquisition Research Journal is "From Concept to Execution." The first article is "Promoting Disruptive Military Innovation: Best Practices for DoD Experimentation and Prototyping Programs." The author, George M. Dougherty, analyzes six Department of Defense experimentation and prototyping programs, and also studies previous disruptive military innovations to develop recommendations on how best to accelerate new technologies from idea to fielded capability.

Next, "Unmasking Cost Growth Behavior: A Longitudinal Study" by Cory N. D'Amico, Edward D. White, Jonathan D. Ritschel, and Scott J. Kozlak examines cost growth factors for 36 Department of Defense aircraft programs at five critical gateways in the program development, including Critical Design Review, Initial Operational Capability, and Full Operational Capability.

The final article, "Mitigating Cognitive Biases in Risk Identification: Practitioner Checklist for the Aerospace Sector" by Debra Emmons, Thomas A. Mazzuchi, Shahram Sarkani, and Curtis E. Larsen examines historical data and uses subject matter expert judgment to develop a checklist for risk identification and evaluation, and offers strategies to reduce pervasive cognitive biases in these activities.

The featured book in this issue's Defense Acquisition Professional Reading List is America Inc.? Innovation and Enterprise in the National Security State by Linda Weiss, as reviewed by Michael McMahon.

The masthead has undergone another change from the last edition. Mike Kotzian has been replaced on the Editorial Board by William Conroy. We thank Mike for all his efforts, and welcome Bill aboard in his new role.

Dr. Larrie D. Ferreiro

Chairman and Executive Editor

Defense ARJ

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Author:Ferreiro, Larrie D.
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Date:Jan 1, 2018
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