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As Pope John Paul II's papacy stretches into its 23rd year, the pontiff has neared or surpassed a number of papal records:

* Length of pontificate: the 12th-longest reigning pope in history

* Canonizations: 280 saints canonized, almost as many--300--as the church canonized from 1588 to 1979

* Beatifications: 819 Servants of God proclaimed, more than 100 this year; since 1588, all other popes beatified 1,130 persons

* Journeys: easily the most-traveled pope, John Paul has made 85 international trips and 135 in Italy for a total of more than 712,000 miles--or nearly 19 times around the world

* Speeches: about 700 addresses a year, or twice the number given by Pope Paul VI and four times more than John XXIII

* Cardinals: 157 cardinals named, 14 more than Paul VI

Sources: ZENIT, CNS
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Date:Jun 1, 1999
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