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conclusion, I'm happy where I am thanks. I mean just getting there Is going to take six months. As someone who hates taking any flight that lasts longer than two hours it was an easy decision to make. . I get frustrated waiting in a queue for coffee, I'd be a nightmare on a flight that long, I'd be the impatient child whining: Are we there yet? AND then there's the social side of the journey. What if I don't like my travel companions. Six months sitting next to a right moaner telling you how bad their life on earth is, and why they just had to get away is hardly an attractive prospect.

AND speaking of the seating arrangements I don't like sitting in the middle, a window seat would be nice but like they say when you've seen one star you've seen them all. To the left to the left can you get an upgrade? What are the chances of getting bumped up to first class? It might make the trip a little bit more bearable. So dress smart, smile and be polite when you check in and tell them it's your birthday.

AND then there's the food. Last time I saw celebrity spaceman, commander Tim Peake, floating around his space station he was sucking on a tube of some disgusting looking gloop. Hardly fine dining or even late night take away. SO what is the attraction of a one way ticket to the red planet. Moving to Mars is hardly likely to be like going on a Club 18-30 break. There's no beach and no nightlife and not much atmosphere. And what's to look forward to when a Martian year lasts 687 days.

MOVING to Mars won't be like a trip to Love Island or a stint in the Big Brother House. It won't be the new age equivalent of back packing, no home comforts no running out to the shops because you've forgotten to get milk ( there will be no milk) in fact there will be no running it's a whole new world.

GETTING away from it all is something we've all probably dreamed about, but just how far are you prepared to go to get away from the maddening crowd.

Something I read recently claimed that one in ten of us would give up life on earth and take a one way trip to Mars if they had the opportunity. Now that's what you call getting away from it all.

OBVIOUSLY I gave the idea of packing up and shipping out some thought but quickly came to the

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Publication:Liverpool Echo (Liverpool, England)
Date:Jun 18, 2017
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